Building Self-Esteem in Difficult Times – our ebook

building self esteem in difficult times

Each chapter of our ebook 10 Key Steps to Building Self-Esteem in Difficult Times is one of 10 key points to building self-esteem, including taking care of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your life. If you follow these steps and really put them to work, you will discover an amazing transformation toward a life of self-esteem.

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Esteem for Glassblowers

Beginning GlassblowingWe recently visited the Simon Pearce glass factory in Quechee, Vermont.

In addition to seeing a variety of beautiful dishware and pottery we were able to watch the glassblowers at work.

Most impressive is the ease with which the glassblowers created their glassware.

Glassblowers handle the molten liquid glass with such skill that it was fun just watching them work.

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Esteem for Literacy

Literacy EssentialsTomorrow the world will celebrate the International Literacy Day.

Its goal is to remind us that literacy should be achievable for all people on earth.

The global numbers are eye-opening.  An estimated 776 million adults and 75 million children lack minimum literacy skills.

Giving esteem toward literacy reminds us be thankful for our own literacy and to give a helping and esteemful hand to learning adults and children around us.

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Should Self-Esteem overcome Shyness?

The Introvert AdvantageIn a world where the most outgoing people seem to get the most attention shyness could be considered an undesirable trait.  Some people even make the connection between shyness and low self-esteem.

In time we come to learn this isn’t necessarily true.  There are shy people and there are outgoing people, and shyness doesn’t necessarily mean low self-esteem.

It’s okay to have a shy personality.  These people should stay as they are, because it’s an expression of their own personality.

Shyness can be compatible with a high self-esteem.

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Esteem is a spiritual Experience

Journey to the Heart Esteem spiritual experienceEsteem can’t be owned or earned.  Esteem can’t be worn or consumed.  Esteem is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.

This is the reason why sometimes it may be difficult to speak about esteem.

There is only one kind of esteem fulfilling its genuine meaning.  This one esteem can’t be expressed in different grades.

There is not a little esteem or more esteem.  There is just one esteem in its full sense and impact.

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Esteem for Audrey Hepburn

Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses ever. For me therefore it is so easy to give her esteem, her and her life and her work.

What I like about her is that she could combine being an actress with being a fashion icon and a philanthropist.

By most people she is known and loved for her beauty, elegance and grace.

Here too, behind her graceful demeanor and helpful activities there is a woman hidden from general knowledge.

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Esteem appreciates Life

Marble Life Appreciate what you haveWe may sometimes catch ourselves dreaming of things we don’t have.

Dreaming can be positive as long as it keeps us going forward toward the goal we picture for ourselves.

On the other hand it can stop our self-development as long as it prevents us from enjoying what we have.

When we integrate esteem in our daily life we realize that the moment we live in is the most precious.

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Be Inspired – Handle Life’s Challenges the right Way

Thank You Jesus: Handling life's challengesIt’s easy to fall into the habit of constantly comparing ourselves with others.  This eternal comparing can be destructive for our self-esteem because it leads us away from ourselves.

Every single person is a unique personality with their own talents.  How can you compare two beings that are unique?

There are though moments in life where it’s helpful to learn how other people handle life’s challenges.  We can choose to emulate them as our model. How do they handle life’s challenges? How can that help me?

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Esteem makes us Mindful

Mindfulness: Be mindful. Live in the moment.Esteem helps us to be mindful. What does that mean being mindful? Well, mindfulness means that we live in the moment, we don’t allow distracting thoughts of any kind to keep us away from the moment in which we live, in which we really live.

Having and living esteem helps us being mindful because it keeps us away from thoughts about ourselves. We see the others around us and give them esteem in the moment we encounter them.

Giving esteem to other people enhances our own life by allowing us to enjoy the moment, by increasing our awareness toward the people around us and toward the events we are living.

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Esteem and Worry

Living Loving and LearningWhile we try daily to live esteem we often experience that esteem gives us unexpected gifts that make our life easier and happier.

Handling worry in a calm and mature way is one of these gifts given by esteem.

We don’t mean that integrating esteem into our life means that we won’t worry anymore.

Worrying is a human expression which we can’t just stop like that.  What we can change through esteem is our attitude toward worrying.

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What kind of Success do you want for yourself?

10 Secrets for Success and Inner PeaceEverybody wants to have success in life.  To be able to realize success in our life it’s important to know what success means to us.

Success has two sides.  One side is the result of success.

It’s what we all ultimately want by wishing success: esteem, recognition and acknowledgment.

The other side is success in what we’re doing.

This part of success is individually different because it depends on our talents.

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