Building Self-Esteem in Difficult Times – our ebook

building self esteem in difficult times

Each chapter of our ebook 10 Key Steps to Building Self-Esteem in Difficult Times is one of 10 key points to building self-esteem, including taking care of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your life. If you follow these steps and really put them to work, you will discover an amazing transformation toward a life of self-esteem.

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Esteem for Mistakes – Forgiving Yourself

Esteem for mistakes forgiving yourselfTheodore Roosevelt one said: “The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.”

When we give esteem to people we acknowledge their efforts, their work.

On the other hand we give esteem toward people just as acknowledgment for being here without any external reasons.

This means that ultimately that we also give esteem even when somebody makes mistakes.

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Esteem Step by Step – as Confucius would say

Esteem step by step Confucius Sayings“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

This proverb of Confucius expresses an attitude which can be applied to esteem as well as life generally.

As long as we integrate esteem into our life on a daily basis we can’t go wrong.

Esteem step by step means that it’s better to give small or just one sign of esteem but to give it daily instead of giving a lot of signs of esteem on one day and nothing at the following days.

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Say “No” with Esteem – a Positive “No”

Say "No" with Esteem - a Positive "No"Even when we’re living an esteemful life there are still life situations where we have to say “No”.

Genuine esteem is only possible when we know our own limits.  We need to know ourselves well enough to know how much energy we can put into esteemful actions.

There are moments in life when we have to say “No” and, in the process, disappoint somebody with our answer.

However, when we say “No” with esteem we can expect more understanding for our position.

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Esteem gives new Hope

Getting up Esteem gives new hopeIt’s easy to give esteem to somebody in a moment of success or happiness.  It’s no problem to acknowledge great life moments, positive actions or friendly words.

But what about esteem for moments of failure?  How can we acknowledge when somebody falls?

Esteem for moments of failure doesn’t acknowledge the failure itself but its effect on the people involved.  Failure happens to everybody because nobody is perfect.

Esteem highlights this fact and encourages us to pick ourselves up and go on.

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How to develop Self-Respect – Honoring the Self

Honoring the Self develop self respectIt’s so easy to say that a high self-esteem shows that we respect ourselves.

But what exactly does self-respect mean?  Is there a way to develop self-respect in a healthy way?

There’s a simple step we can take to find out what self-respect means for us personally.

Sometimes it takes looking at how we give respect.

Try to think of life moments when you offered respect in a positive way.

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Esteem always encourages

Power of EncouragmentWhen we break down the word “encouragement” we find the word “courage” in it.

Encouraging others means planting the seed of courage in their lives.

We can experience this by giving esteem.  Encouraging esteem can have the form of a heartening smile as well as  comforting words.

Esteem creates the feeling of being supported – by being accepted.

Giving esteem always means giving attention.

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Nobel Prize, a strong Sign of Esteem

Nobel Price Burton FeldmanIf you visited the Nobel Prize website in November you noticed that almost each day a new Nobel Prize winner was announced.

There is hardly another prize which draws more public attention to itself and embraces so many parts of society, art and science like the Nobel Prize.

Each year we like to follow the announcements of new winners and mention them when we can.

The prize is a huge public sign of esteem for work that is most often the result of lifelong dedication.

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Esteem doesn’t look away

Don't look away helping handThere are moments in life when we come face to face with people who’ve suffered a disastrous situation.

For some of us it may be difficult to act appropriately.

Lived esteem gives us the courage to help in ways that we are able during these difficult moments.

When we integrate esteem into our daily life we’re already used to living respect.

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Esteem prevents Stress and inner Critic

Prevent stress and inner criticStress is one of the factors in life that can push us off balance.  Sometimes we have no control over the stress in our life, such as the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, an illness or other external problems.

But often our stress is self-created through our inner critic. One of the many stresses of modern life is envy.  Another is fear.

These two causes of stress are “self-made” because we are the ones who allow feelings of envy and fear into our life.  This means the responsibility is on us to change these feelings and eliminate the causes of this stress without falling into the trap of inner criticism.

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Take Life Experiences as they happen

Perennial philosophy life experiences huxleyWe encounter many situations in life that go against our wishes and make us uncomfortable.

This attitude comes from our desire to be able to control life as much as possible.  The less control we have, the less comfortable we feel.

The truth is that a strong self-esteem frees us from this urge to control our life.

A strong self-esteem takes life experiences just as they happen.

With this attitude we define the experience itself and how we handle it.

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