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Esteem for Glasgow

Glasgow Travel Guide

The history of a city has its ups and downs.  It’s always great to see how a city manages to move forward in areas relating to quality of life.  Glasgow is one of these cities.

Having made great efforts to shed the image of a declining urban core, it is once again growing into a culturally flourishing city.

Glasgow city planners deserve esteem because they reversed the downturn after the city lost its economic footings as the shipbuilding center of Scotland.

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Esteem for Firefighters


Giving esteem can be demonstrated through an act of service.  Giving a helping hand to somebody is a genuine sign of esteem.

Some professions are based on helping others, such as firefighters.  They dedicate their lives to helping people.  Just having this profession leads to esteem in daily life.

Esteem is given and received.  Firefighters receive esteem through the thankful people they saved.

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Esteem for Switzerland

Swiss Watching book about SwitzerlandIt’s not difficult to give esteem to a country like Switzerland. For me it isn’t. I was born in Switzerland and lived there most of my years. At first glance it seems obvious that somebody gives esteem to his home country.

But by knowing the country and its people so well, it might just be the opposite. Well, it isn’t. I give easily and full-heartedly esteem to Switzerland and invite you to discover this country so you can give esteem too.

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Esteem for beekeepers

Beekeepers HandbookWe enjoy honey often without thinking about the work that goes into making it.

Many of us don’t have the opportunity to visit a beekeeper personally in order to buy his honey.  In most of the towns there are farmer’s markets where we can purchase honey directly from beekeepers to show our esteem toward their precious and “sweet” work.

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Esteem for Interior Designers

Interior Design O'Shea Grimley LoveSounds weird? Esteem for Interior Designers? Well, it isn’t. Besides the fact that every profession deserves esteem anyway there are always some interesting details about a profession, and Interior Designers definitely have a fascinating job.

At first glance it seems that Interior Designers are working around a non-vital topic, non-vital for the society. But when you look at this profession a little closer you’ll see how important their job is.

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Esteem for Business Owners

Get over your damn self Romi NeustadtOwning your own business is no walk in the park. It’s hard work and consistent commitment.

Business owners deserve our esteem. For their decision to start a business and for going ahead with it in prosperity and adversity.

Giving anybody good advice who wants or thinks about starting a new business is always great if it’s driven by esteem and respect. There are mental traits that help people starting a successful business that you might already have but you also can learn.

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Esteem for Tuscany

Rick Steves Tuscany 2017Tuscany belongs to the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Well, that’s me speaking. But I don’t think I’m alone with this opinion.

I was fortunate to make several visits to the Tuscany and was never disappointed. In the contrary, everything seems to be there for beauty and discovery. Tuscany is rich on natural beauty but also art, history and all sorts of food and wines.

It’s easy to give esteem to Tuscany.

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Esteem for Women’s World Banking

Women's World Banking Michaela Walsh

Women’s World Banking WWB is a global network of 54 microfinance providers and banks working in 30 countries.  WWB provides support, advice, training and information.

The goal of WWB is to alleviate global poverty by expanding the economic assets, participation and power of the poor, especially women.

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Esteem for Madrid

Rick Steves Spain 2017Some cities undergo a massive construction boom in the form of urban renovation projects.

Madrid in Spain is one of these cities.  Recently, after more than five years of construction in this beautiful city, planners were able to declare the projects complete. The renovation project included rerouting traffic underground so that the city’s center was opened for pedestrians.

With its renewed appearance Madrid gives esteem towards its citizens and tourists.  On the other hand, the city receives esteem from the people who enjoy the beautiful plazas, facades and a great open atmosphere.

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Esteemful living in Dignity Village

Bridgman Streetcities

It started as a Tent City founded for homeless people and grew into a permanent neighborhood called Dignity Village.  After conducting elections, Dignity Village even has their own administrative and legislative branches of government.  The name tells it all: Dignity Village is a place that gives dignity back to people who’ve lost their jobs and homes.


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