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Esteem for Women’s World Banking

Women's World Banking Michaela Walsh

Women’s World Banking WWB is a global network of 54 microfinance providers and banks working in 30 countries.  WWB provides support, advice, training and information.

The goal of WWB is to alleviate global poverty by expanding the economic assets, participation and power of the poor, especially women.

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Esteem for Madrid

Rick Steves Spain 2017Some cities undergo a massive construction boom in the form of urban renovation projects.

Madrid in Spain is one of these cities.  Recently, after more than five years of construction in this beautiful city, planners were able to declare the projects complete. The renovation project included rerouting traffic underground so that the city’s center was opened for pedestrians.

With its renewed appearance Madrid gives esteem towards its citizens and tourists.  On the other hand, the city receives esteem from the people who enjoy the beautiful plazas, facades and a great open atmosphere.

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Esteemful living in Dignity Village

Bridgman Streetcities

It started as a Tent City founded for homeless people and grew into a permanent neighborhood called Dignity Village.  After conducting elections, Dignity Village even has their own administrative and legislative branches of government.  The name tells it all: Dignity Village is a place that gives dignity back to people who’ve lost their jobs and homes.


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Esteem and congratulations to the 8 Design Lab Finalists

Established in 2003, Electrolux Design Lab is a global design competition open to undergraduate and graduate design students who are invited to present innovative ideas for future households.

Every year Electrolux challenges design students all over the world. The challenge is to create a concept that is relevant to the time and raises questions about what design will be like in the future. The brief for 2013 calls for innovative ideas for urbanization – Social Cooking, Natural Air and Effortless Cleaning.

From more than 1700 submissions by students all over the world they’re now down to these 8 Finalists.

The Jury will choose the winning concept October 16 in Stockholm, Sweden. Now is your chance to vote for People’s Choice!


Esteem for World Habitat Day

There are numerous annual World Days designated by the United Nations to raise awareness for different themes and problems in our world. Today we want to give esteem to World Habitat Day which will be held on October 4, the first Monday of the month of October.

On Oct. 4, 2010, in recognition of World Habitat Day, Habitat for Humanity will raise awareness of the need for improved shelter and highlight Habitat’s priorities: the worldwide connection between human health and housing, and, in the United States, neighborhood revitalization. These themes echo the United Nations’ chosen theme for 2010 for events in the host city of Shanghai, China and the rest of the world: “Better City, Better Life.”

Habitat for Humanity hopes that by raising awareness and advocating for universal decent housing we can dismantle and alter the systems that allow for poverty housing and make an affordable, decent place to live a reality for all.

By giving public attention to World Habitat Day we give esteem toward housing generally and in our neighborhood.  We give esteem to the fact that housing improves health, has a positive impact on children and strengthens communities.

Esteemful acts of Lydia Pendley

“Any person who in any way suffers because of hunger or suffers because of poverty — that affects me. We are in a world that is truly interconnected and we need to all realize that we play a role. No matter what we do, small or large, whether it’s dramatic or not — all contributes.”

These are the words of 66-year-old Lydia Pendley of Santa Fe, NM who has dedicated her life to helping others.

Her esteemful actions are based on her respect for the dignity of every human being and her desire to work for peace and justice in the world.

Lydia Pendley celebrated her last few birthdays a little different than most of us.  She registered her party as an event on Stand Up Against Poverty Day.  She asked her guests to make a donation instead of bringing gifts and collected more than $2,100.

Lydia Pendley has found her unique expression of giving esteem as a sign against poverty.  Her dedication and esteemful actions encourages other people to follow her example and express esteem in a similar way.

The Pylon Appreciation Society

Esteem knows no limits.  This means that we can give and show esteem toward almost everything.  The Pylon Appreciation Society is a perfect example of this statement.

The members of the Pylon Appreciation Society appreciate electricity pylons or transmission towers.  According to their website pylon enthusiasts range from primary school children to retired engineers and many people in between inspired by these steel giants.

The Pylon Appreciation Society has collected an impressive amount of information and photos about pylons from all over the world.  They even ran their first photo competition in 2006 which was won by an 8-year-old British boy.  The next competition will be a pylon art challenge.

If you’re as fascinated by pylons as their members are, then the Pylon Appreciation Society could be a place for you.


Esteem for Glasgow

The history of a city has its ups and downs.  It’s always great to see how a city manages to move forward in areas relating to quality of life.  Glasgow is one of these cities.  Having made great efforts to shed the image of a declining urban core, it is once again growing into a culturally flourishing city.

Glasgow city planners deserve esteem because they reversed the downturn after the city lost its economic footings as the shipbuilding center of Scotland.

Planners turned Glasgow into a vibrant cultural center by creating a pedestrian downtown area and organizing numerous annual cultural and art events.

After years of remarkable rebirth tourists now love to visit Glasgow because of the proverbial friendliness of the Glasgow citizens.  Success stories like Glasgow deserve public esteem.


Nobel prize, a strong sign of esteem

If you’ve visited the Nobel Prize website recently you’ll notice that almost each day a new Nobel Prize winner is announced.  There is hardly another prize which draws more public attention to itself and embraces so many parts of society, art and science like the Nobel Prize.

Each year we like to follow the announcements of new winners and mention them when we can.  The prize is a huge public sign of esteem for work that is most often the result of lifelong dedication.

Nobel Prizes are given to selected personalities who demonstrated knowledge, perseverance and success in their efforts.

While we give esteem toward these Nobel Prize winners through public attention we can also give esteem to the numerous people who work behind the scenes.  A Nobel Prize winning success is always the result of the work and enthusiasm of many people.  They all deserve esteem for their efforts.