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Self-esteem creates a Self-knowledge

Self knowledge voice of knowledgeWe ask ourselves who we are.  And we ask ourselves: what are we supposed to do with our life?

Before we answer this question we need to know what our talents are.  What do we really love to do?

Maybe for some people it’s not easy to answer this because so many of us have practical reasons for choosing a particular job.

Maybe we have to think back to our childhood or teenage years to find out what we loved to do.

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Choice of Words

Choice of words, positive wordsHave you considered what kind of words you use daily?  So often we aren’t aware of how we speak, how we are choosing our words.

Thinking about esteem in our lives and in general we recognize how powerful our choice of words can be.  Just think about how you feel when somebody speaks to you with harsh words or in an ordering manner. It makes you feel closed and your chest gets tight.

How do you express esteem toward another person?  You look for positive words because esteem means uplifting, encouraging and acknowledging. You only can do that with positive words.

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Esteem opens the World of Feelings

Feelings Karol K. TrumanHaving feelings is a deeply human attitude but very often we don’t show them because we had a bad experience when we did.

We can suppress our feelings by denying them and we can hide our feelings toward others.  Both make us unhappy.

In a world where esteem isn’t tangible on a daily basis it may be difficult to show your feelings.

Only esteem encourages us to show our feelings freely because the esteem we get is meant for our whole being including our feelings.

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Asking is not a sign of weakness

Ask more, asking is not weaknessSome people think that asking questions is a sign of weakness.  This attitude implies that the asking person is weak and and uninformed.

This feeling often holds people with a low self-esteem back from asking questions.  They fear that their self-esteem will be judged by others.

The reality is just the opposite.  A Chinese proverb says it succinctly: “He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.’

Asking isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign curiosity and a willingness to learn.

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Esteem is not easily angered

anger and how to overcome with zenWhat happens when we’re angry?  Anger is a normal human expression of a feeling of displeasure.  Anger can arise out of sadness or frustration.  We even have bodily reactions of muscle tension and increased heart rate.

When we integrate esteem into our daily life it doesn’t mean that we won’t feel any anger anymore.  But when we express our anger appropriately we deal with it in a healthy way.  This is one way esteem helps us in dealing properly with anger.

But esteem goes further.  When we live esteem we live patience and understanding toward others and ourselves.  This leads us to an understanding of the mechanism of anger.

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Self-esteem and shyness

Self esteem shyness and how to overcome shynessBeing shy can be a character trait.  In this case it means being introverted instead of extroverted.  Shy people are generally less communicative, quieter and often more observant.

They can have a high self-esteem, knowing themselves as a calm and introverted character and accepting themselves as they are.

Being shy isn’t necessarily a sign of low self-esteem.  Shy people with a healthy self-esteem know that already.

But what about all the others that suffer with their shyness?

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Esteem means enjoyment of life

Enjoyment of life joie de vivreWe admire people who radiate enjoyment of life.

They seem to have no problems, to always be happy.

Enjoyment of life can still be there when life isn’t easy.  It’s the inner motor that pushes us to progress and develop.

It’s natural that we progress in all kinds of life situations.

With enjoyment of life we just make our development easier.

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High self-esteem defeats loneliness

Loneliness and the art of being aloneWhen we say that a high self-esteem defeats loneliness we don’t mean that you’ll never be alone.

There is an important difference between between being lonely and being alone which is defined by the strength of our self-esteem.

We can’t be lonely with a high self-esteem.

Dr. Wayne Dyer expressed it this way:  “You cannot be lonely if you like the person you are alone with”.

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Centenarians have strong esteem for life

The Wisdom of CentenariansIn Germany the number of the centenarians has more than doubled within the last 15 years. The fact that these centenarians today are spiritually and physically fitter than those of former generations, is found by a representative investigation of researchers of the university of Heidelberg which they made with people at the age of 100 years in and around Heidelberg.

The study showed a comprehensive picture of centenarians and their life situation. It appears that psychological strengths such as will to live, meaning of life and optimism are more important for a high quality of life and inner contentment than performance ability or health.

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Esteem is like the Sunshine in May

Sunshine in May what makes you happyFor many people the month of May represents renewal, warmth and joy. Sunshine and warmth lure us to go outside and enjoy nature and our life.

We may invite this warmth and joy everyday into your lives. Through esteem.

Esteem gives us the same kind of warmth we get from the sun in May.  It warms our heart and soul, it makes us feel good and urges us to create this agreeable feeling in others.

Esteem wants to be given to everybody.

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