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Esteem to the Grandmas and their Cuisine from around the World

Grandmothers and their cuisineIf grandmothers around the world had a rallying cry, it would probably sound something like “You need to eat!”

Photographer Gabriele Galimberti’s grandmother said something similar to him before one of his many globetrotting work trips.

To ensure he had at least one good meal, she prepared for him a dish of ravioli before he departed on one of his adventures.

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Lessons on Life – Wisdom of Native Americans

Lessons of Life Native American WisdomI found this life story on the website of Masaru Emoto and liked it so much I want to share it with you.

There was an Indian Chief who had four sons.
He wanted his sons to learn not to judge things too quickly.
So he sent them each on a quest, in turn,
to go and look at a pear tree that was a great distance away.
The first son went in the Winter, the second in the Spring,
the third in Summer, and the youngest son in the Fall.

When they had all gone and come back, he called them
together to describe what they had seen.

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Unconditional esteem – unconditional love

The Essential Rumi

Honest esteem is as unconditional as love. It can be difficult to write what  unconditional love is about. Sometimes a little story can help to cast light on what unconditional love is such as this short story written by Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Balkhī. He is also  known to the English-speaking world simply as Rumi, a Sufi mystic, Muslim poet, jurist and theologian (1207-1273):


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Esteem for nursing student who saved boyfriend’s life

Extraordinary things can happen in times of crisis.  People often report that events slow down, things become clearer or perhaps they experience seemingly super-human power.

Shelly Johnson, 22, had one of these experiences when she found herself in a life-and-death situation.  She was hiking with her boyfriend Aaron Cole, 24, when he suddenly fell during their climb up a waterfall.  Bloody, unconscious and face-down in a pool of water, Johnson was not sure how bad his injuries were.

As a senior nursing student at the University of Michigan she knew the first thing she had to do was to bring him back to consciousness.  Then Johnson made the seemingly impossible:  at 115 pounds, she carried him her 160 pound boyfriend down the hill which had taken them 45 minutes to climb.

Shelly Johnson saved his life with an extraordinary feat of strength.  Try as she might, Shelly has since been unable to repeat carrying Aaron for more than a few seconds.

This heroic young woman deserves esteem for her actions. She reacted to the emergency of the situation and forgot all rational limitations of her strength.

Esteem for an heroic employee

Troy Schafer, an employee at Randall’s Supermarket in Round Rock, TX received public esteem for his heroic action, but none from his employer.

Last week Schafer chased a man who had allegedly snatched a woman’s purse inside the store.  He followed the man until the suspect dropped the purse.  He picked up the purse and continued to follow the suspect before police arrested the young man.

The heroic action was well received by the victim as well as those who heard of his brave deed.  His employer was not as impressed.  In response to his heroic action Randall’s immediately fired Schafer because of a store policy against pursuing suspects outside the store.

This injustice was transformed into esteem when Schafer began to receive emails from all over the world hailing him as a hero.  He even received several new job offers.

These signs of esteem caught Schafer by surprise.  He wasn’t expecting the public outpouring toward his heroism.  But it’s important to show that heroic actions Schafer’s deserve esteem.  Schafer himself doesn’t want to be called a hero but “I’m really proud of what I did,” he said. “It was the right thing whether it cost me my job or not.”

Esteem for esteem

Reactions of people who get esteem are often the same:  they give esteem back.  The signs of esteem can be as small as a smile, or it can be as huge as saving a life.

Thirty years ago 10-year-old Dani Schemesch was saved by his neighbor after being pulled out of a burning shed.

Last week forty year old Schemesch, now a firefighter, got an emergency call from the house of his old neighbor.  His house was full of smoke and flames.  Schemesch saved his 80-year-old neighbor and her husband by ripping out a window frame, allowing them to escape.

He said to the Israeli newspaper Maariv that he was happy to be able to save the life of someone who had done the same for him so long ago.

Dani Schemesch became a firefighter to show his esteem toward others and now he was able to return it to the person from whom he got esteem.


A story about esteem

When we speak about esteem it’s sometimes difficult to find the right words to express the core meaning of esteem.  Sometimes it’s easier to speak about esteem by telling a story.

We found a video which describes the importance of esteem and self-esteem.  It’s actually an advertisement for a consumer products company but it touches many important experiences concerning esteem.

There are two important messages in this video.  One is that we shouldn’t compare ourselves with others because every single person has his own talents and personality.  The other message tells us that we can find esteem at unexpected places from unexpected people who can make us strong enough to fulfill our wishes.

The strength of esteem is often underestimated.  But it really can change lives.


Julian Lennon’s gesture of esteem

Julian Lennon came home from school one day forty years ago with a picture he had drawn.  He showed it to his father John Lennon and said: that’s Lucy in the sky with diamonds.  He drew his childhood friend Lucy with stars in her eyes.

The picture inspired John Lennon to write one of the most famous songs of all time: Lucy in the sky with diamonds.  Some thought of the title of this song as a hidden message about LSD.  But Lucy really lived and still lives.

Recently Julian Lennon found out that his old friend Lucy, now 46 years old, suffers from an incurable disease.  He immediately decided to fly from France where he lives and works as musician to visit the ailing woman.

“I wanted to do something to put a smile on her face” he said.  And his gesture of esteem by offering emotional support in her condition touched Lucy deeply:  “Julian got in touch with me out of the blue, when he heard how ill I was, and he said he wanted to do something for me.”

What a wonderful act of esteem.


Esteem for “Building the Hogan”

Showing esteem toward others means that we share what we know.  Shared knowledge is precious and gives everybody a feeling of acknowledgment.

Our newest member of the Sikantis Network is where we want to share our knowledge and personal experiences with you.  Building the Hogan presents our path toward a more sustainable life by building a natural home, employing alternative energy, rain-water harvesting, creating an organic garden and many other topics.

In Building the Hogan we’ll give esteem toward people who have shared their knowledge and we’ll give esteem toward everyone who feels encouraged to follow the same path.

Esteem for the “Calender Girls”

In 1999 twelve mature British women created the sensational idea to pose sans clothing for a fund-raising calendar.  The women hoped to buy a sofa for a local hospital waiting room with the proceeds.

Instead of making the local news and selling a few calendars, the stunt immediately circled the world’s headlines.  The women inspired a Hollywood movie and started a national craze for nude calendars.  Their “little project”  ended up raising around £2 million for Leukaemia Research.

Recently six members of the Yorkshire-based Women’s Institute have been reunited for a new 2010 calendar again with the goal to raise money for the Leukaemia Research in Leeds, UK.

Through their selfless act these women demonstrated a high self-esteem combined with esteem toward people who are suffering.