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Building Self-Esteem in Difficult Times – our ebook

building self esteem in difficult times

Each chapter of our ebook 10 Key Steps to Building Self-Esteem in Difficult Times is one of 10 key points to building self-esteem, including taking care of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your life. If you follow these steps and really put them to work, you will discover an amazing transformation toward a life of self-esteem.

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Esteem for young Baseball Players

Managing Little League Baseball McIntoshTwelve and thirteen-year-old boys represent in the Little League World Series the best young baseball players around the world.

These young boys certainly deserve esteem for their efforts.  They give it their all and despite their youth, demonstrate a high level of talent.  It’s a joy to watch them play just because they love to play the game.  The audience gives them a lot of esteem which pushes them on to spectacular catches and clutch hitting.

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Success with a positive attitude

Napoleon Hill SuccessWhat is it about success that makes everybody want to have it?

Let’s take a look at the moments in our life where we experienced success.  It can be success in our job, in a relationship, in hobby or sport – wherever we achieved success it was just a great feeling.  We want to repeat it as often as possible.

In our search for this repeat-craving life moment we ask ourselves: what positive feeling do we exactly experience when we achieve success?

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Our health deserves esteem

Health is something we only recognize when we don’t have it anymore.  We can change this attitude toward health by showing esteem for our health.

The first step of showing esteem for our health is to recognize how healthy we are.  The next step to get it back on track if you’re not.

For people who need scientific proof of the effect of behavior on our health this recent research will be interesting.

Researchers from the University of Kuoipo and Oulo, Finland made a study about the connection between physical activity and health.  They found that men who participate in sports for half an hour a day have half the risk of getting cancer.

The reason for this connection lies in the fact that regular physical activity creates a higher consumption of oxygen – which prevents healthy cells from transforming into cancerous cells.

Researchers underlined the fact that moderate sport, such as brisk walking for half an hour daily is the best exercise.

Of course these results are also applicable for women.  Take the first steps in giving esteem toward your health.

Esteem for World Indigenous Nations Games

The first World Indigenous Nations Games will take place in 2012 in Winnipeg, Canada.  This major sporting event will consist of traditional games of the different indigenous nations around the world and also includes several modern sports.

This resolution was adopted at the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York last month.  This Forum speaks for the 370 million people still living according to their ancestor’s traditions. The majority of the participants still live in protected areas and speak their ancient language.

The World Indigenous Nations Games will give these athletes esteem and worldwide recognition.

Esteem for an extraordinary athlete

Texas high school student Bonnie Richardson is once more the best small high school track team in Texas.

Yes, you’ve read right, the best track team is one girl.

Bonnie Richardson won the Class A girls team state title last Saturday by herself beating 56 other schools.  Bonnie is the only member of the Rochelle High School track team.

Last year Bonnie became the first girl in state history to win a team title solo.

Her achievement is even more amazing when you look at how she had to train.  The Rochelle High School is so small that it has no proper track for Richardson.  She had to run on a path of hard rutted , soil.   Rochelle administrators were amused when other track coaches in the state asked about the “caliche path” track.  Her coach suggested that they probably shouldn’t make the switch.

Bonnie Richardson is an extraordinary athlete who deserves esteem.

Esteem for Irish Golfer Shane Lowry

Twenty-two-year-old Irish amateur golfer Shane Lowry made history yesterday and in the process fulfilled a dream for himself and his fellow countrymen.  Lowry became the unlikely winner of the 3 Irish Open at Baltray, Ireland.  Coming out of a pack of mostly professional golfers, the determined young Irishman held on to the lead for most of the weekend.

His achievement was truly remarkable because he is the only third amateur ever to win on the European Tour.  He did it in gripping fashion, winning on the third playoff hole and the fourth consecutive replay of the 18th hole.

Lowry showed his mental toughness after twice missing a playoff-winning putt – a resilience for which this young man will receive esteem from the whole Irish nation.

The ebullient golfer said after the emotional roller-coaster play-off: “I’m speechless to be honest … I can’t believe what’s just happened – this is life-changing stuff.”

It was a great event for those who witnessed it and for his effort Shane Lowry deserves esteem and admiration.

Esteem for Ralph Green

Fate can sometimes deal us a terrible blow.  How we respond is up to us.  Ralph Green’s fate and how he responded can serve as an example to all of us.

At 16, Ralph was the victim of a random street shooting in Brooklyn, New York.  As a result of the shooting, Ralph found himself in the hospital for months, first in a coma and then enduring the loss of his leg.

Ralph could have given up, but quit is not something that he knows.  A high school quarterback and multi-sport athlete, Ralph was accustomed to competing.  Instead of giving up he was determined to make something of his life, and get away from the inner city that had altered his future so drastically.  Ultimately, after pondering several possible futures, and a trial run in the Pocono Mountains, Ralph decided that he would become a one legged skier.  He moved to Winter Park, Co to pursue his dream of “skiing until I’m the best.”

Today at the age of 32 years old Ralph Green is a very successful athlete of the United States Disabled Ski Team.  With an infectious optimism he motivates others with his talks and his determination to live life to the fullest.

Ralph say: “If you are ever at a low point in your life and feel that you can’t handle your situation, just click to my website and there will be some news there to cheer you up. I want to share all of my success with you and believe me; we will have a lot to go around!”

Ralph Green shows esteem toward those who face difficult challenges.  It’s easy to give esteem toward somebody with such courage and optimism.  His life as an athlete and speaker motivate others to be as resilient as him.


Life-transformation through esteemful gardening

Most of our daily esteem activities are directed toward the persons around us.  Other esteem actions can have a bigger influence.

60-year-old former pro basketball player Will Allen found his personal way of giving esteem toward groups of people.

As enthusiastic gardener for urban gardening he founded a non-profit organization called Growing Power.  He purchased an old greenhouse, revived it and took a group of at-risk children under his wing with the goal transforming their lives through gardening.

His idea has made its way around the world, from Ghana to Ukraine, teaching people how to build and maintain an urban garden.

Allen teaches that gardening can be a very esteemful activity, esteemful toward nature and toward ourselves.  People start to acknowledge what nature is giving, start to eat healthier and learn that they are able to successfully grow vegetables and plants.  This makes people feel precious and responsible toward nature and themselves.

Rankings work by comparison

It seems like today there is no area of life free of competition, rankings or ratings.  Whether it’s sports, art, education, a job or even a family gathering.  At this time of the year, one of the best examples of rankings center place in culture is American Idol.

Rankings work by comparison.  Who is smarter, more skillful or just better – we compare others ceaselessly.

For ourselves, rankings mean making outer judgments which can hurt our self-esteem.

When we want to keep our self-esteem strong we can develop a serene and calm attitude toward rankings.

Realizing that all rankings and all judgements made through comparisons are just outer views we understand that none of them can embrace our whole personality.

With our self-knowledge and self-confidence we can be indifferent to rankings because we know that they don’t touch our real self.