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Esteem for Literacy

Literacy EssentialsTomorrow the world will celebrate the International Literacy Day.

Its goal is to remind us that literacy should be achievable for all people on earth.

The global numbers are eye-opening.  An estimated 776 million adults and 75 million children lack minimum literacy skills.

Giving esteem toward literacy reminds us be thankful for our own literacy and to give a helping and esteemful hand to learning adults and children around us.

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Esteem is always you

Personality PlusWe could find hundreds of tips on how to express esteem.  But truly we have to recognize that it’s always our own expression when we give esteem.

It’s our unique personality and our unique way of putting an acknowledgment into words.

Receiving tips about esteem is the same as getting advice.

As long as we take them as general help we can use it in our own way – for our own unique life situation.

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Say “No” with Esteem – a Positive “No”

Say "No" with Esteem - a Positive "No"Even when we’re living an esteemful life there are still life situations where we have to say “No”.

Genuine esteem is only possible when we know our own limits.  We need to know ourselves well enough to know how much energy we can put into esteemful actions.

There are moments in life when we have to say “No” and, in the process, disappoint somebody with our answer.

However, when we say “No” with esteem we can expect more understanding for our position.

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How to develop Self-Respect – Honoring the Self

Honoring the Self develop self respectIt’s so easy to say that a high self-esteem shows that we respect ourselves.

But what exactly does self-respect mean?  Is there a way to develop self-respect in a healthy way?

There’s a simple step we can take to find out what self-respect means for us personally.

Sometimes it takes looking at how we give respect.

Try to think of life moments when you offered respect in a positive way.

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Esteem always encourages

Power of EncouragmentWhen we break down the word “encouragement” we find the word “courage” in it.

Encouraging others means planting the seed of courage in their lives.

We can experience this by giving esteem.  Encouraging esteem can have the form of a heartening smile as well as  comforting words.

Esteem creates the feeling of being supported – by being accepted.

Giving esteem always means giving attention.

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Esteem doesn’t look away

Don't look away helping handThere are moments in life when we come face to face with people who’ve suffered a disastrous situation.

For some of us it may be difficult to act appropriately.

Lived esteem gives us the courage to help in ways that we are able during these difficult moments.

When we integrate esteem into our daily life we’re already used to living respect.

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Esteem prevents Stress and inner Critic

Prevent stress and inner criticStress is one of the factors in life that can push us off balance.  Sometimes we have no control over the stress in our life, such as the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, an illness or other external problems.

But often our stress is self-created through our inner critic. One of the many stresses of modern life is envy.  Another is fear.

These two causes of stress are “self-made” because we are the ones who allow feelings of envy and fear into our life.  This means the responsibility is on us to change these feelings and eliminate the causes of this stress without falling into the trap of inner criticism.

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Esteem for our family members

love esteem respect for familyWhether you are a husband, wife, child or sibling, you live with your family each day.

Sometimes it’s easy to remember to give esteem toward strangers but forget to give esteem to persons who live with us.

We see them daily, we’re used to sharing our lives with them.  What we see daily we tend to take for granted.

Just imagine a life without one of your beloved family members and you realize how important they are for you.

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Esteem for beautiful Destinations

World's most beautiful destinationsNational Geographic published a list of the world’s 50 greatest destinations.  Among these 50 special places, 7 are located in the U.S..  Being added to this list represents a great sign of esteem.   These are the selected U.S. destinations:

  1. Library of Congress in Washington D.C.
  2. Piedmont of Virginia
  3. Atlanta in Georgia
  4. Coast Redwoods, California and Oregon
  5. Sawthooth Mountains in Idaho
  6. Aleutian Islands in Alaska
  7. Molokau in Hawaii

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Esteem never makes Fun of People

Respectful ridicule free confrontationMaking fun of others seems to be a sport for some people.

Children learn that it’s OK to make fun of others because they see it on television each day.

Ridicule is the extreme end of making fun.  Ridicule creates bad feelings for the people who are its target.

Expressing fun in this way has nothing to do with esteem.

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