Esteem for nature and its preservation

There are numerous ways to show our esteem toward nature.  The simplest way is just to admire respectfully what nature is presenting.  On the other hand, there are more public ways to show esteem toward nature such as 87-year-old Jane Petchesky of Santa Fe, New Mexico did.

Mrs. Petchesky lived with her husband in an adobe ranch house near Santa Fe for more than 30 years .  In February 2009, no longer able to care for the property, she gave the title to the 262-acre Petchesky Ranch to the New Mexico Land Conservancy.

The Land Conservancy’s mission is to preserve New Mexico’s heritage by protecting wildlife habitat, productive agricultural lands, scenic open space, cultural and historic sites and recreational lands for public benefits.

Jane Petchesky’s incredibly generous gift is a huge sign of esteem toward nature and its preservation and also toward the New Mexico Land Conservancy.  For this great gesture she deserves the esteem of everybody who will enjoy this incredible act of generosity.

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