Esteem for Einstein’s wife Mileva Maric

Last Sunday Mileva Maric, the wife of Albert Einstein, received a great sign of esteem.  The city of Zurich, Switzerland honored her with a memorial stone.

Maric, now recognized as the mother of the Theory of Relativity, died 61 years ago in Zurich, poor and alone.

Prior to publishing his Theory of Relativity, Einstein wrote to her: “How happy and proud I’ll be when we both together will have finished successfully our work on the theory of relativity.”

In another letter he wrote to his father-in-law in 1905: “Everything I made and achieved I have to thank Mileva.  She is my ingenious inspiration, my guardian angel against sins in life and even more in science.  Without her I wouldn’t have started and finished my work.”

Partly because of the letters written by Einstein, she recieved the title “mother of the theory of relativity” even though her contribution is still disputed.  There is no disputing her brain power. Maric was only the fifth woman admitted to the technical university ETH in Zurich in 1896.  It has been shown that her examination results were even better than that of Einstein himself.

Mileva Maric deserves this sign of esteem the city of Zurich has shown.


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