Esteem and Curiosity – Open-hearted Awareness

Shift into Freedom Loch KellyHopefully you belong to the group of people who walk through life with open eyes, open ears and open heart.

Curiosity leads us to live like this.  Being curious in a normal manner makes us open to our surroundings, our fellow men and our whole world. We take care when we are curious.

Without question curiosity is an important part of esteem because it opens us toward the people around us.

When being curious, there is a narrow line between interfering in another’s life without respect and caring about others with acknowledgment.

When we want to realize esteem in our lives we’ll choose caring curiosity. We’ll choose being open and curious.

Like this esteem has its place in our life and makes us open for life and people.

Shift into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness

Curiosity Shift into Freedom Loch Kelly

Book Facts

  • Author: Loch Kelly
  • Foreword by Adyashanti
  • Publisher: Sounds True (September 1, 2015)
  • Paperback, also available as ebook
  • 288 pages

Loch presents us with the possibility that awakening can be the natural next stage of human development. Awakening is not a rare event limited to those who leave for the monastery or cave. We can awaken in the midst of our daily lives by discovering what Loch Kelly calls “open-hearted awareness.”

Reader reviews

My marriage, business and joy in life have exponentially increased from what I have been learning. To me, Loch’s work is a great gift to humanity. Very clear, inspiring, and deeply valuable.

Great book ! It synthesizes and puts into perspective a lot of confusion on meditation and difference between focused meditation and open awareness. It is a good first read for a beginner, but will provide an ever richer integration of knowledge and practice for a more advanced practitioner. It has a lot of insights and practice suggestion that i haven’t read anywhere else, and which seems to come from the author expertise and results. It is a very detailed book which does not stray from the essential, does not go into unnecessary material and conveys a great synthesis of nondual practices.

A brilliant book of clearly articulated and profound practices to awaken ever more fully to our True Nature and highest potentials. One of the best books for clarifying the nature of mind I have ever read. Deep bows Loch for your work to articulate your insights in such a clear, useful, and accessible manner.

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