Esteem for Monty Python

Monty Python AutobiographyOne of the most obvious signs for public esteem toward a comedy group is when their sketches are replayed by young comedy groups even decades after their first performance.

Monty Python received and still receives this kind of esteem.  At the Edinburgh Festival 2009 for example their sketches were performed by young comedians.

The famous Parrot Sketch was first performed by the Monty Python team many years ago.  “This is an ex-parrot” goes the famous sentence of John Cleese’s complaint to Michael Palin for selling a stuffed pet.

I found the Python’s own autobiography. We can’t get any closer to this great comedy group than through this book.

The Pythons: Autobiography by the Pythons

Monty Python Autobiography

Book Facts

  • Authors: Graham Chapman, Michael Palin, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam and 3 more
  • Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books; 1 edition (October 7, 2003)
  • Hardcover, also available as Paperback and ebook
  • 368 pages

Over thirty years ago, a group of five Englishmen and one wayward American, re-wrote the rules of comedy. Monty Python’s Flying Circus, an unheralded, previously unseen and practically unprogrammed half hour of sketches, hilarities, inanities and animations first appeared on the BBC late one night in 1969. Its impact on the world has been felt ever since. From its humble beginnings as late night entertainment on a British TV channel that went off the air before midnight, it blossomed into arguably the most influential movement in modern comedy. They found the Holy Grail, they detailed the life of the Savior-also-ran Brian, and when we were lost, they explained The Meaning of Life. Now, those purveyors of dead parrots and silly walks are going to tell us something more: Their story. In their own, intimate, never before heard words. The Pythons by The Pythons is the definitive word on all things Pythonesque (the only word invented by a modern comedian which is listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.) 30 years of insight, hindsight, and bad sight – now told for the first time. Stuff they’re never remembered before alongside stories they’d forgotten to say, coupled with things they couldn’t say then and even more things they can’t pronounce now (with a healthy dollop of things they would never have said in the first place if any others had been in the room at the time.) The Pythons by The Pythons is a unique look at arguably the most important comic team of the modern age, lavishly illustrated with 1000 photographs and illustrations, many culled from the teams’ own personal collections, many seen here for the first time. A tome, a tombstone, the definitive word on all things Python, as told by all things Python – do you want Spam with that?

Reader reviews

Provides good background information on the Pythons.  This book helps to describe the struggles the Pythons have been and continue to go through: University educations, script writings, interpersonal relationships, raising money, locations, creating endings, and more. Opens the door to humor and serious perspectives. A good read. There are individual and collective contributions from all members. Answers many of the questions we did not know we have.

It’s a fabulous book and a “must have,” for Monty Python fans. It’s one of those sentimental things in life that truly stir nostalgic memories. I love it.

Just buy this book. It is huge and no Python fan will be disappointed. I expected a normal size book…this thing is coffee table size…which is exactly where it will reside in my fun room.


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