Esteem for beekeepers

Beekeepers HandbookWe enjoy honey often without thinking about the work that goes into making it.

Many of us don’t have the opportunity to visit a beekeeper personally in order to buy his honey.  In most of the towns there are farmer’s markets where we can purchase honey directly from beekeepers to show our esteem toward their precious and “sweet” work.

Beekeeper Dr. Makay Erdely of Santa Fe NM has been harvesting honey and taking care of bees for more than three decades.  He is mindful of the amount of honey the bees produce for him as well as the work of the bees to create such a harvest.

It’s interesting that Dr. Erdely knows his bees well enough to understand they all have very different personalities and that they remember how he treats them.  This shows how important the relationship is between the keeper and the bees.

My nephew started recently to get interested in beekeeping himself. There are great handbooks out there helping if you’re interested in becoming a beekeeper.

The Beekeeper’s Handbook

Beekeepers Handbook

Book Facts

  • Authors: Diana Sammataro, Alphones Avitabile
  • Foreword by: Dewey M. Caron
  • Publisher: Comstock Publishing Associates; 4 edition (May 13, 2011)
  • Paperback, also available as Hardcover
  • 272 pages

Colony Collapse Disorder has renewed our recognition of the importance of small-scale beekeeping and the critical role of bees in the production of our food supply. For the growing number of beekeepers looking to set up hives for either a rewarding hobby or a profitable commercial enterprise, this updated and revised essential how-to guide includes: step-by-step directions for all stages from setting up an apiary to harvesting honey; approximately 100 illustrations featuring techniques, equipment, and bee biology; information about how to manage new pests and diseases including Colony Collapse Disorder; coverage of new trends and changes in beekeeping including green IPM techniques and new laws for urban beekeeping; the most up-to-date bibliography and list of resources on the topic; and a new user-friendly book design that clearly highlights instructions and other important features.

Reader reviews

This book is now in its 4th edition. That certainly tells you that it contains the essential information not only for beginning beekeepers but for all beekeepers. The diagrams are excellent and enhance the explanations in the text so that beekeepers not only read the information but see what they need to do. It is a book that all beekeepers will use for ready reference. It will be an excellent choice of textbook for bee courses on all levels. I highly recommend this book to all beekeepers.

This 4th edition has an abundance of great information and exceptional illustrations and diagrams. I have found information for some odd questions with just a little digging. There are 28 pages of further reference materials on diverse subjects ranging from abbreviations to wintering, and several interesting subsections.

Excellent study for new-bees and veterans alike, written in common English and easy to understand. Each section is well illustrated with color photos. One of these days this book will become a treasured heirloom. Get one of your own.






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