Nobel Prize, a strong Sign of Esteem

Nobel Price Burton FeldmanIf you visited the Nobel Prize website in November you noticed that almost each day a new Nobel Prize winner was announced.

There is hardly another prize which draws more public attention to itself and embraces so many parts of society, art and science like the Nobel Prize.

Each year we like to follow the announcements of new winners and mention them when we can.

The prize is a huge public sign of esteem for work that is most often the result of lifelong dedication.

Nobel Prizes are given to selected personalities who demonstrated knowledge, perseverance and success in their efforts.

While we give esteem toward these Nobel Prize winners through public attention we can also give esteem to the numerous people who work behind the scenes.  A Nobel Prize winning success is always the result of the work and enthusiasm of many people.  They all deserve esteem for their efforts.

The Nobel Prize: A History of Genius , Controversy and Prestige

Nobel Price Burton Feldman

Book Facts

  • Author: Burton Feldman
  • Publisher: Arcade Publishing; 1st edition (November 2, 2000)
  • Paperback, also available as Hardcover
  • 489 pages

A lively history of the world’s most prestigious award traces the history of the Nobel Prize, explaining how it originated, how it works, and how it is influenced by outside pressures and discussing the six fields in which it is awarded–literature, physics, chemistry, medicine, peace, and economics–and its laureates. 15,000 first printing.

Reader reviews

Feldman does a good job in writing a readable,and even slick, history of one of the few honors whose luster has only increased with the passage of time. His accomplishment in grasping the basics of at least four alien fields should not be overlooked. Where else can you get intellectual history and dish-the-dirt gossip served up in such quantities? On the whole, a fine piece of work.

Burton Feldman’s book seemed from the start of my investigation to be the best possible study. On the whole, I can say that I am satisfied with his accounts of the history of the Nobel Prizes and the controversies they have generated over time. Although the science prizes have never been a fraction so controversial as those relating to literature and peace, there was some quite interesting stories about them.

Burton Feldman’s absorbing book gives us a brief history of Alfred Nobel, the prizes his fortune funded, as well as fascinating details on those who won these cherished prizes. As the author explains, the Nobel Prize’s combination of wealth, pomp and prestige lends it greater credibility than, say, The Fields medal, awarded every four years by the International Mathematical Union, which is much harder to win.


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