Esteem never makes Fun of People

Respectful ridicule free confrontationMaking fun of others seems to be a sport for some people.

Children learn that it’s OK to make fun of others because they see it on television each day.

Ridicule is the extreme end of making fun.  Ridicule creates bad feelings for the people who are its target.

Expressing fun in this way has nothing to do with esteem.

Esteem never makes fun of people.  Picture a personality toward whom you have the utmost respect.  It could be a political leader, an athlete, a religious leader or someone in your family.  It’s impossible to think of making fun of this person, isn’t it?

Esteem is a genuine expression of our respect toward people.  Esteemful acts can be fun but always in a respectful way.

Mastering Respectful Confrontation: A Guide to Personal Freedom and Empowered, Collaborative Engagement

Respectful ridicule free confrontation

Book Facts

  • Author: Joe Weston
  • Publisher: Heartwalker Press; First edition (June 15, 2011)
  • Paperback
  • 328 pages

At the heart of MASTERING RESPECTFUL CONFRONTATION is the belief that it is possible to stand in your power, speak your truth, hear the truth of others, and get your needs met in a way that will harm neither you nor others.

Reader reviews

Joe Weston takes conflict resolution a step further and asserts that learning how to confront our differences can bring greater understanding and peace for all of us in our divergent beliefs. Excellent commentary coupled with interesting and useful tools make this an important book in our troubled times.

Asking for what you want and knowing how to do it, even if that requires using tough love, but in a way that would cause no harm to yourself or others takes empathy and precious skill. If you haven’t mastered that, this book is for you.

This book is a delight. Joe’s humor and deep wisdom come through beautifully. Do these exercises — and make them a habit (especially the open-hearted interaction and the elephant walking exercises!) — and you will discover just how mutually satisfying confrontation can be. No compromise. True win-win. Enjoy!

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