Self-esteem deals well with the Past

Dealing with the pastSometimes it’s difficult to deal with our past.  Whatever experiences we had in the past, the greatness of our self-esteem appears in the part of our past we continue to integrate in our life.

Some of our past experiences can be helpful in certain moments of our present or future life.

People with a strong self-esteem know that and use it for their development.

Our self-esteem gives us enough inner strength and conviction to know which part of our past we need to leave behind us and which parts should be retained.

A strong self-esteem deals in a very balanced and healthy way with the past.

Dealing With Painful Past: A Guide to True Forgiveness

Dealing with the past

Book Facts

  • Author: Ezekiel Benson
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 27, 2014)
  • Paperback, also available as ebook
  • 50 pages

A lot of folks have hurts and bitterness rooted in their heart for years as a result of an offense or a wrong done to them. Unknowingly to them, this has been the cause of their bad and deteriorating health, finances and general status in life, and instead of living in THE BLESSING, the curse rules in their health, finances, career, marriage, relationships, business, and anything they put their hands to do. In this simple but effective guide you will discover how to deal with painful events in your life, and how not to allow them to put you in bondage to hate and unforgiveness. You will receive keys that will help you translate from being a victim to an overcomer. You will discover how to rise above hate and unforgiveness and position yourself to be healed.

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