Rohm Positive Personality ProfilesDid you ever watch yourself when you speak about others?  The kind of how you speak about others and how you see others reveals more about yourself than about the persons.

How positively you see others is linked to how happy, kind-hearted and emotionally stable you are.  A person’s tendency to describe others in positive terms is an important indicator of the positivity of the person’s own personality traits.

This confirms what esteem is creating in our lives.  By giving esteem toward others we give esteem toward ourselves. When we see others in a positive way we speak about them in positive words and reveal with it how positive we are ourselves. Esteem creates esteem.

Take a look at the following book that helps readers understand themselves and others.

Positive Personality Profiles: D-I-S-C-over Personality Insights to Understand Yourself and Others!

Rohm Positive Personality Profiles

Book Facts

  • Author: Robert A. Rohm Ph.D.
  • Publisher: Voyages Press Inc, September 1, 2005
  • Paperback
  • 197 pages

Dr. Rohm’s book will clearly describe key differences in basic personality types, give practical insights into how people respond, provide keys for understanding others, and explain methods for working with others.

Reader reviews

This book forever changed the way I see myself and others around me. If anyone asks me how to become better with the people around them, I recommend this book EVERY TIME.

I am now learning to read and understand the different personality styles of my children, friends, clients, everybody!!! This book enlightens the reader and shows them how to be a better communicator…

It is really great to read when you don’t know how to deal with someone. First figure out their personality type and the book will tell you everything you need to know, whether it is a child, spouse, friend, or family. The information is easy to read and understand, and is dead on correct. It will crack you up. Love it!






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