Self-esteem, Intrinsic Value and Criticism

self esteem intrinsic value criticism

We line ourselves up with our fellow men in order to receive love.

This is the reason why we assess our own intrinsic value according to how our fellow men value us.

When we are praised we feel good.

When we’re reproached our self-confidence decreases immediately and we feel bad.

On which basis do we value ourselves?  With high self-esteem we can handle critics or reproach better.  A high self-esteem means that we know us in who we are and in what we do.  Doing so we don’t need to line ourselves up with our fellow men.  We know that we are unique as well as each other person is unique.

Criticism: Using it to your own advantage

self esteem intrinsic value criticism

Book Facts

  • Author: Peter J. Njovu
  • Publisher: Inspired4Action Productions (April 16, 2017)
  • Ebook
  • 13 pages / 1480 KB

Criticism is part of everyone’s life. At some point every person was once confronted with criticism. Therefore it is up to us to decide how to take in criticism – either we let it pull us down or we decide to fight back and prove our critics wrong. This small book gives you insight on how to handle criticism – it actually preaches a message that will positively move you to press on despite mounting criticism. The book talks of how you can take criticism as a motivator to prove your critics wrong when you are faced by much criticism. It also elaborates on how one should take criticism as a way of correction and not to take it as a form of destruction all the time. It also sheds light on how one can self criticize himself or herself constructively to improve their own well-being and to boost up their spirits and hope. Furthermore, it focuses on outlining how a person can decide to ignore criticism so as to overcome it. The book is rather a small guide that can help anyone, anywhere to be able to fight criticism as it equips people with the kind of knowledge that can lead to positive action. Overall, it’s a book that is significant to all those who find difficulty in dealing with criticism – and I firmly believe that everyone in life is faced by criticism at one point or the other.

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