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wildlife refuge

Our visit of the Wildlife Refuge in Vermont made me think of the important mission of the National Wildlife Refuge Association which is: To conserve America’s wildlife heritage for future generations through strategic programs that protect, enhance, and expand the National Wildlife Refuge System and the landscapes beyond its boundaries that secure its ecological integrity.

When we want to give esteem to the wildlife of our country we can plan a visit of one of the numerous Wildlife Refuge places in our country. Observing the wildlife can create very esteemful thoughts toward animals, plants and landscapes making us think about how to conserve this rich beauty of our country.

Check out this great book, what a great gift to yourself or somebody else.

Smithsonian Book of National Wildlife Refuges

wildlife refuge

Book Facts

  • Author: Eric Jay Dolin
  • Smithsonian (March 17, 2003)
  • Hardcover or Paperback
  • 256 pages

Linking his text with the stunning photographs of John and Karen Hollingsworth, Eric Dolin draws on the rich history surrounding the refuges to reveal an interconnected story of people and nature. Dolin explores how the fledgling conservation movement found in Teddy Roosevelt a champion who set in motion one of the greatest conservation movements the world has ever seen.

Reader reviews

This book was well put together and looks great. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in wildlife Refuges.

This book is a revealing and oft inspiring account of the history of the refuges and the closely allied conservation movement. Accompanying the text are stunning photographs of the wildlife and lands they have preserved.

The intricate text discusses the travails, conservation efforts, ecology and more of America’s wildlife refuges while gorgeous full-color natural photographs by John and Karen Hollingsworth of wilderness and wildlife add a special, vivid touch. A highly recommended giftbook for nature lovers.



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