Is calmness a sign of self-esteem?

Persons with a high self-esteem create the impression that they are calm.  Even when the world around them seems to be agitated and nervous they stay seemingly serene.

Is calmness a sign of self-esteem?  As with so many other questions about esteem and self-esteem the answers aren’t only yes or no.  Self-esteem is a life attitude and life is never just yes or no.  Let’s take a closer look at what sorts of calmness we can encounter.

Calmness is most often not a sign of self-esteem when it’s based on carelessness and emotional distance.  There are persons who distance themselves from trouble without any interest in other people’s situation.

On the other hand, calmness may be a real sign of self-esteem if it goes together with empathy and interest.  When people lose control or panic, a person with high self-esteem can convey a feeling of calmness in order to go safely through rough times.

Calmness emitted from a high self-esteem is always helping and caring.  There is one sure sign of knowing what kind of calmness we encounter: it’s our own feeling.  We feel immediately if calmness is based on indifference or on compassion.


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