Self-esteem and self-dignity

Influential Habits for Mental Change and DignityWe can explain self-esteem as the feeling of dignity we have about ourselves.  Self-dignity is something we can’t get or lose through an outer force.  It’s at the untouchable core of our being.

Self-dignity has to do with our being unique.  We can’t compare ourselves to others because there is nobody else like us.

When we say this we don’t mean it in a selfish and competitive way.  When we acknowledge our being unique we also acknowledge the uniqueness of everybody else.

Self-dignity is another expression for the awareness of our singular personality.  We see and feel ourselves as an inimitable person.

Our self-esteem grows on the basis of self-dignity.  Therefore we can’t also lose our self-esteem.  We develop our self-esteem on the basis of our self-dignity.  It’s like we clothe our self-dignity and we show it as our self-esteem to the outer world.  It’s up to us how we clothe our self-dignity.  We can show our self-esteem in poor or rich clothing.

If you’re interested in changing your habits in order to strengthen your self-esteem in self-dignity, I recommend the following new book.

Influential Habits for Mental Change and Dignity: A Daily 5-Minute Guide to Strengthen Mental Stability and Change Your Life

Influential Habits for Mental Change and Dignity

Book Facts

  • Author: Kent Hall
  • Publisher: Independently published, May 23, 2017
  • Paperback, also available as ebook
  • 31 pages

Do you really want to attain a life-changing positively thanks to master your mental stability and practicing habits without requiring much time?

Influential Habits for Mental Change and Dignity will help you discover your inner-power and imperfection effectively. It also shows that how you can make your life more success, peace and happiness on your career path.

Reader reviews

A practical book to read in order to strengthen your mental stability.

The book not only shows you how to fix your problems to become mentally stable but also shows you how to identify if you have a problem; and helps in arresting it before it become a much bigger problem. A good read.

The main takeaway point for me was self-reflection and self-awareness leads to one’s intrinsic motivation to change. A timeless advice indeed.



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