Self-esteem and self-dignity

We can explain self-esteem as the feeling of dignity we have about ourselves.  Self-dignity is something we can’t get or lose through an outer force.  It’s at the untouchable core of our being.

Self-dignity has to do with our being unique.  We can’t compare ourselves to others because there is nobody else like us.  When we say this we don’t mean it in a selfish and competitive way.  When we acknowledge our being unique we also acknowledge the uniqueness of everybody else.

Self-dignity is another expression for the awareness of our singular personality.  We see and feel ourselves as an inimitable person.

Our self-esteem grows on the basis of self-dignity.  Therefore we can’t also lose our self-esteem.  We develop our self-esteem on the basis of our self-dignity.  It’s like we clothe our self-dignity and we show it as our self-esteem to the outer world.  It’s up to us how we clothe our self-dignity.  We can show our self-esteem in poor or rich clothing.


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