Selfday – International Self-Esteem Day

Neurosculpting Wimberger self belief

Attitude specialist Janice Davies  has created the annual international Self Esteem Day recently renamed Selfday, to be celebrated on June the 26th. As the president of International Council of Self Esteem says, the event is spreading to 140 countries around the world.

Selfday aims to inspire the practice of self belief and confidence globally. The charitable non-profit organization is dedicated  to create awareness and motivate action to help enhance human effectiveness and to build healthy self confidence.

Davis says: “Everyone can learn to believe or re-believe in themselves and especially in this climate remind themselves they may not have caused the event though they are experiencing it. Unless one does, we function from a place of fear and scarcity which often manifests in the opposite of what most of us truly desire.”

The Selfday reminds everybody to take care of themselves, to take care of their self-esteem. The best way to do that is to give esteem to others.

Neurosculpting: A Whole-Brain Approach to Heal Trauma, Rewrite Limiting Beliefs, and Find Wholeness

Neurosculpting Wimberger self belief

Book  Facts

  • Author: Lisa Wimberger
  • Publisher: Sounds True (January 1, 2015)
  • Paperback, also available as ebook
  • 264 pages

The synthesis of meditation and modern neuroscience has sparked a revolution—more than ever, we can use specific practices to create positive, lasting changes in our brains. Lisa Wimberger experienced the power of neuroplasticity firsthand. When conventional medicine offered no answers for her deadly seizures, she created her own regimen of meditation and life practices to heal herself. Today, Lisa has successfully taught her Neurosculpting® method to veterans, first responders, and clients in the most stressful occupations. With Neurosculpting, she brings readers a complete guide to this life-changing process, featuring transformative insights and techniques. “If you could learn to squeeze the vibrancy and beauty out of each moment of your life,” writes Wimberger, “would you say yes to a practice that could get you there?” With an engaging, layman-friendly style that encompasses cutting-edge neuroscience and our human capacity for hope, free will, love, and spirituality, she offers a breakthrough guide for taking charge of our health, happiness, and personal growth.

Reader reviews

This honest, empowering and innovative book is a good read while it’s steeped in science and very practical. Lisa Wimberger deserves much more attention because she has developed and shared real tools based on experience and science that will enable you to live the life you want.

Lisa Wimberger is an incredible teacher who communicates extremely complicated matters in an understandable way for the lay person. She has and will make a lasting change in my life.

This book will change the way you think and feel about everything (in a good way).