Esteem to the World’s oldest playable Organ

worlds most beautiful organs calendar 2018The world’s oldest organ that is still playable stands in the Basilica of Valeria in Sitten, Switzerland.

The so called Valeria organ was built at the beginning of the 15th century and was extended in 1687. Around the middle of the 19th century it fell into oblivion.

The former curator of the basilica of Valeria, Maurice Wenger, revived the instrument in the first half of the 20th century bit by bit.


When in 1946 after an earthquake several whistles had detached themselves, he patched them up after a fashion with adhesive tape and wooden pieces. The first restoration occurred in 1954 after experts recognized the specific feature of the instrument.

The Valeria organ plays 45 marks and is two third tones higher tuned than commonly used. Therefore some modern pieces aren’t playable on it. The keyboard of the instrument encloses as a specific feature a so-called short octave, that is one without semitones.

I love the sound of organs, always did. In my opinion music changes its aura when played on an organ.

Today I found not a book but a beautiful calendar for the year 2018 with the most beautiful organs in the world. But honestly, these pictures don’t need to be limited to one year, they are timelessly beautiful. Take a look.

Organs Calendar 2018 – The Most Beautiful Organs in the World

worlds most beautiful organs calendar 2018

Book / Calendar Facts

  • Author: Peter Bach jr.
  • Editor: Bach 4 You
  • Publisher: Bach 4 You (2017)
  • Calendar

Organs – They are called the “Queens of Instruments” and there are thousands of them all over the world. Extraordinarily beautiful exemplars are combined from a collection of 4,500 organs. The churches where these organs are located are spread all over Europe. There are organs that represent churches in Germany, Hungary, Italy, Austria, England, Spain and the USA. For lovers of dreamlike photos this organ wall calendar isn’t just a music calendar, but a dream collection of exquisite pictures. The wall calendar is printed on strong, high quality paper and it is designed in European style. This calendar is available in both English and German – it’s bilingual.

Reader review

Perfect gift for lovers of organs.