How do you show your feelings about yourself?

We can show our self-esteem through our words and actions but as well through our body language.

When we see ourselves on video we can see us as others do.  In these videos we see our body language that normally happens without our consciousness.  But body language doesn’t just happen to us, we can direct it.

Here are 5 main signs of the body language you show when you have a high self-esteem:

  1. Sit or stand with your back straight and keep your shoulders back and relaxed.
  2. Look forward with open interested eyes at the people you’re speaking with and keep eye contact without staring.
  3. Speak clearly with a steady and normally loud voice.
  4. Smile, laugh and nod while you’re listening to others.
  5. Keep your arms open, don’t cross them, make the same with your legs.  Give friendly and open gestures toward others.

There is without any doubt a strong connection between body language and self-esteem.  You can find this out with a very simple test.  Stand or sit comfortably with straight back, look forward and then try to cry. Then sit with bended back head slumped forwards, look at the floor and then try to smile.

You’ll feel that your body language and your mental situation don’t fit.  You can’t have happy thoughts and sit with head slumped forward looking at the floor.

Our body language expresses how we feel about ourselves.  But it isn’t a one-way-movement.  With our body language we can boost our self-esteem.  When we live a positive body language we develop our self-esteem toward a higher level.

In tomorrow’s post we’ll speak more about esteem and body language.



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