Behind every Name a Story – Positive Reinforcement

Positive ReinforcementIt doesn’t matter how old you are – you already have your own life story.  Behind your name stands your story, your life experiences, your memories.

Our development depends on different factors.  One of the most important positive reinforcements we can get on our life path is esteem.

When we get esteem from the persons who live with us we feel sheltered and accepted.   When we get esteem for our activities we feel encouraged and driven to do better.

It gives us a stable basis on which we can develop our life story.

Esteem can change our life story in a positive direction.   What is the story behind your name?   Can you discover esteem in your story and can you see the change it made?

Looking at the people around us we can also ask: what is the story behind their name?  Giving esteem to them we can make a positive reinforcement in their stories.

Positive Reinforcement: Daily Declarations (Volume 1)

Positive Reinforcement

Book Facts

  • Author: Kia Amy Woods
  • Editor and Cover Designer: Barbara M. Broadnax
  • Publisher: Gyquea Woods; 1 edition (September 12, 2015)
  • Paperback, also available as ebook
  • 150 pages

Declare the success of the day as it begins and watch your attitude, mindset and life transform. Take control of your life, one day at a time! Inside of this book you will find a statement for each day of the year. These declarations are intended to empower you to recognize your full potential and move accordingly. Utilize this book as a daily tool for starting off on the right foot. Begin each day by claiming your personal growth and positive mindset. Discover the resilience, love, courage, forgiveness, growth, acceptance, wisdom and positivity that lives within. “It is not enough to know your worth. You must also live it, intentionally.” -Kia Woods

Reader reviews

In life, we can‘t always control how people will treat us or the obstacles that we will face. However, we CAN control how we react. This book’s Daily Declarations will empower you to do just that! It will help you to gain the desire, strength, and will to shape your own destiny. The declarations are delivered in concise passages that have an enormous ability to reshape your outlook on life. It’s perfect for personal use and to purchase as a gift for others.

I absolutely love this book. It’s a starts my day off in a positive mind frame. It’s a confidence builder and your daily “note to self”. Reading each “declaration” helps me realize and pushes me to become a better person that I am. They are inspiring words that you don’t hear from anybody everyday. If reading this book can help me be a better me, it would defiantly help you become a better you.

A must have book! We could all use some positive reinforcement or reminders on a daily basis. My fiancé and I read the daily declarations together which allows us to reflect and connect on a deeper level. This book is great for anyone… you won’t be disappointed!


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