Self-esteem comprises our whole personality

Heston Unlimited SelfIn Wikipedia I read that self-esteem encompasses beliefs, emotions and behavior, it comprises our whole personality.

Self-esteem doesn’t depend on external actions or experiences.  Contrarily, it is the manner of handling external actions.  How you act, how you think, how you feel, every move of your personality is an expression of your self-esteem.

I like the picture of having self-esteem in each cell of our body. It makes self-esteem corporal and mental at the same time. With all our cells we live and express self-esteem. Everybody should have a highly developed self-esteem.

As Jonathan Heston says it in his book: At the end of it all everyone knows inside that they are called to greatness. To live an epic life. To have no regrets. To leave a legacy to be proud of.

The Unlimited Self: Destroy Limiting Beliefs, Uncover Inner Greatness, and Live the Good Life

Heston Unlimited Self

Book Facts

  • Author: Jonathan Heston
  • Publisher: Jonathan Heston, November 28, 2015
  • ebook
  • 969 KB or 127 pages

Success is when someone is willing to not just dream about becoming great, but take responsibility for making it happen. Success is doing the INNER work that is necessary to move past the hidden “blocks” that keep you from creating your dreams.

 So the question is simply this. Are you ready to seize your greatness and not let go? Are you are ready for the mindsets and skillets that allow you to destroy ANY limiting belief that is holding you back from your greatness? If so… THE UNLIMITED LIFE is for you.

Reader reviews

This book changed my life. I have been searching for self improvement and the answer to the games my mind plays for many years. The author has a way of explaining it that gives you workable action steps that change everything.

his book not only inspired me to keep pushing to be my true authentic self, but I have been raving about to family and friends as I read along. Anyone who is looking to better themselves I highly recommend it.

This book ultimately opened my mind to becoming a more giving and understanding person. I now communicate honestly, openly and with confidence. I really hope you pick it up and receive the same results.




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