Esteem for the Hawaiian culture

People and Cultures of HawaiiThe Hawaiian culture is unique in many ways because of the isolation of the islands. The ancient Hawaiians lived simply and generally in harmony with nature.  They maintained fishing seasons and managed their natural resources as best they could.

The Hawaiian culture is filled with mythology and dark but fascinating legends made visible through numerous sacred places.

The Hawaiian language, described as sounding like “a palm tree in a gentle wind” is a beautiful Polynesian language.  It became a written language in the 19th century.  It went through a period of neglect, but is now revived by the renewed interest of Hawaiians in their roots.

We give esteem to the Hawaiian culture by visiting Hawaii, by speaking respectfully about their culture and by giving them our understanding.

People and Cultures of Hawaii: The Evolution of Culture and Ethnicity

People and Cultures of Hawaii

Book Facts

  • Author: Thomas W. Maretzki
  • Editors: John F. McDermott and Naleen Naupaka Andrade
  • Publisher: University of Hawaii Press; 2 Updated edition (April 30, 2011)
  • Paperback, also available as ebook
  • 347 pages

Individual chapters begin with an overview of one of fifteen groups. Following the development of its unique ethnocultural identity, distinctive character traits such as temperament and emotional expression are explored―as well as ethnic stereotypes. Also discussed are modifications to the group’s ethnocultural identity over time and generational change―which traits may have changed over generations and which are more hardwired or enduring. An important feature of each chapter is the focus on the group’s family social structure, generational and gender roles, power distribution, and central values and life goals. Readers will also find a description of the group’s own internal social class structure, social and political strategies, and occupational and educational patterns. Finally, contributors consider how a particular ethnic group has blended into Hawai‘i’s culturally sensitive society.

Reader reviews

This book is a standard, incorporated in many programs. Highly recommended.

This is a great read and very informative of the populations and their mental health needs in Hawaii.

The book makes an excellent effort to look forward – where do all the cultures go from here?

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