How to develop open-mindedness

Power of Perception Umphlett openmindedWe encounter open-mindedness when we meet people free of prejudice, and who are tolerant, curious of life and modern thinking.

One of the best descriptions of open-mindedness is that it’s a state of being ready to accept new ideas.  Being open-minded means being interested in other people, other cultures and other ideas.

How can we develop this precious character trait which obviously can make it easier for us to live esteem in our life?

To develop open-mindedness we can exercise tolerance toward ourselves and toward others.  We can expose ourselves to foreign cultures, other ideas – or in other words to everything which at first glance seems strange to us.

Consider that our own habits, culture and our attitudes could be strange to others too and that we expect open-mindedness from others makes us move toward being open-mindedness.

Next time you encounter a new idea, a foreign tradition or just another opinion you can try to hold back spontaneous prejudices and rejection and exercise open interest and esteem.

The Power of Perception: Perception, open-mindedness, and experiential mind reality

Power of Perception Umphlett openminded

Book Facts

  • Author: Laren Grey Umphlett
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st Edition edition (September 1, 2013)
  • Paperback, also available as ebook
  • 230 pages

An entertaining and uplifting ride through perceptional mind reality that takes a good hard look at the way we relate to life and its possibilities and potentials. Not quite science, not quite philosophy, not quite psychology, not quite spirituality. This book attempts to make the deep easy to consume, using quotes, contemplations, profundities, prose, basic explanation, and the exploration of possibilities to bridge the gap between pure treatise and tabloid scrap. What is The Power of Perception? The Power of Perception is not exactly a new age book, a self-help book, a “new thought” book, or a spirituality book, and although motivating at times, it isn’t really a motivational book. The best way to explain this book is that it is an entertaining blend of optimistic lecture and engaging prose that observes the uncertainty of certainty and the certainty of uncertainty…a next step into the depths for the newly awakened.

Reader reviews

I can’t recommend this book highly enough to the person willing to have an open mind to new ideas and different cultural norms. You will not be pushed into a certain way of thinking by this book, but you’ll start to learn that you have the power to perceive your world a whole lot different. Take your time and savor every page of this book!

The Power of Perception isn’t really a book that one can easily categorize into any kind of genre. It covers a broad array of topics and is an incredibly interesting and though provoking read, start to finish. Get this book, keep an open mind, and you’ll be quite surprised where it takes you.

I learned so many things about myself ! It is full of deep thoughts and intuitions ! Obviously it does not teach you what you are or where you go. YOU have to do this work, the book just help you to understand in what way you must introspect yourself and how to use your sensitivity. If you are able to read this book in a positive way and use it as a tool helping you to open your mind, you will grow as person and you’ll improve your life.


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