Esteem for Hungarian cuisine

Culinaria Hungary Aniko GergelyI know Hungary quite well. My parents came from Hungary and I lived there myself for one year. During that year I got to love the Hungarians, their traditions, the natural beauty of the country and the Hungarian cuisine even more than I did before this visit.

It is very easy for me to give esteem toward the country my parents came from and that’s very close to my heart.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell others about a country so far away as Hungary is. But I found that it’s easier when I cook Hungarian meals for friends introducing them to new culinary experiences.

And I totally agree with those who say that you can learn a lot about a country and its people just be getting to know and enjoying their cuisine.

So, in order to give esteem toward a country that remains unknown for so many it’s a great idea to take a look at their eating traditions and how they celebrate food.

It’s not just about learning new recipes, it’s also about all those stories around culinary traditions and celebrations. There is nothing better than to read a book written by one of the leading experts on Hungarian cooking.

Culinaria Hungary: A Celebration of Food and Tradition

Culinaria Hungary Aniko Gergely

Book Facts

  • Author: Aniko Gergely
  • Publisher: h.f.ullmann publishing (April 15, 2015)
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages

Salami, goulash, marmalade-filled crepes and many other specialties: this is the best of Hungarian cuisine! From hearty casseroles, meat dishes and sweet baked goods all the way to the most exquisite culinary pleasures the “Danube Republic” has to offer, Hungarian cooking offers a wealth of possibilities. The richness of the country’s culinary palette is no accident: the Orient and the Occident are melted in many typical Hungarian recipes that inspire gourmets to wax enthusiastic about the wonders of Hungarian cuisine. This volume is far more than just a cookbook, however. Commentaries describe the tradition of Hungarian wine culture, introduce Tokaj, the king of Hungarian wines, and relate the “fiery” history of the pepper. The texts range across the wide plains of the puszta, the cosmopolitan Danubian metropolis Budapest, and the Hungarian landscape with its sandy plains, mountains and wild, romantic forests. Colorful pictures invite readers to participate in a peasant wedding as well as Easter and Christmas feasts – and to try the refined recipes for themselves.

Reader reviews

A excellent cookbook of Hungarian recipes. Is full of information about the country of Hungary, it’s people, traditions and cuisine. Is very interesting reading and contains delicious main dishes and deserts.

I really enjoyed learning about the food culture of Hungary, where one of my grandmothers was born. The book has a good balance of explanatory text, pictures, and recipes.

Beautiful book with so much more than recipes. The information on the country and history of the foods is very interesting and the pictures are beautiful.