Esteem for Katherine Hepburn

Me Katherine HepburnAfter having given esteem to Cary Grant as being one of the greatest actors ever, well, today it’s time to give the same esteem to Katherine Hepburn, one of the greatest actresses of all times – in my eyes.

Katherine Hepburn died 2003 only four years short of being able to celebrate her 100th birthday.

It’s said about Katherine Hepburn that she was best known for her fierce independence and spirited personality.

I was lucky to watch just recently a documentary about her life and heard her speaking about her thoughts, her love, her life experiences – and I must say I was impressed.

I’d like to give full-heartedly esteem to Katherine Hepburn honoring her achievements as actress and personality.

The best way to get somebody like Katherine Hepburn to know is to hear her own words telling her life stories and thoughts. That’s why I can recommend the following book written by Katherine Hepburn herself. An honest autobiography of the best kind. I personally also like the book cover, simple, without distracting picture, but with great impression, just like Katherine Hepburn.

Me: Stories of My Life

Me Katherine Hepburn

Book Facts

  • Author: Katherine Hepburn
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books; Reissue edition (September 29, 1996)
  • Paperback, also available as Hardcover and ebook
  • 432 pages

Katherine Hepburn is, at 84, still the positive, feisty, upper-class lady she portrayed in The Philadelphia Story . Her autobiography, clearly not ghostwritten, tells some stories of her life but not all–she comes from a class that didn’t let it all hang out. Her 27-year affair with Spencer Tracy is discussed with fond memories (the years together were to her “absolute bliss”)–the idea that it was scandalous at the time doesn’t seem to cross her mind, and she is surprised to find that Tracy’s wife thought the affair was only a rumor. She seems to remember almost everyone fondly–her wonderful parents; her loving, supportive husband, whom she admits she treated badly; the numerous beaus, directors, and fellow actors with whom she worked. More than 160 black-and-white photos lend credibility to her enduring beauty, but it’s the somewhat breathless, positive prose that makes Hepburn come alive as herself or as she wishes to be seen–an uncomplaining, stalwart, lucky, admired, and “classy” lady.

Reader reviews

Katherine Hepburn was (at least for our generation and our parent’s) one of the iconic actresses, one of the greats. She had her own style, popularizing wearing pants, for example. This autobiography is episodic and a bit like listening to her abrupt and pointed style of talking. What’s interesting especially is reading about her family. There were tragedies, a lot fun, too. She was athletic and strong, a trait that stood her in good stead for a long, productive life. She was always opinionated and headstrong, and for a long time, box-office poison due to a notable film failure. She covers this failure with a good, clear-eyed look at what went wrong. If you love classic film, and the great actresses like Bette Davis, Vanessa Redgrave and Hepburn, you’ll enjoy reading this bio.

I’ve always loved Katharine Hepburn. In movies and in watching her give the few interviews she’s done. In reading this book, I heard her voice speaking throughout. This book is written as if you are sitting there having a long conversation with a friend about their life. It’s jumbled and skips around a lot, but you get the gist of the story she’s telling you. The most touching story for me was her chapter on Spencer. Thank you Katharine for sharing a piece of your life with us.

I’m a fan of Katharine Hepburn. This book reads just like she’s talking to you and telling you stories from her life. She had very progressive parents and was raised to be independent, strong, athletic and fearless. She went after what she wanted and had great luck. At times she comes off as selfish which she readily admits. There are some tragedies. She’s made mistakes and has a few regrets, but she’s had a fascinating life. She’s had some interesting relationships including Howard Hughes and Spencer Tracy and talks about many of her movies. I enjoy the backstories of movie making and people I admire. I enjoyed this book.