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Success with a positive attitude

Napoleon Hill SuccessWhat is it about success that makes everybody want to have it?

Let’s take a look at the moments in our life where we experienced success.  It can be success in our job, in a relationship, in hobby or sport – wherever we achieved success it was just a great feeling.  We want to repeat it as often as possible.

In our search for this repeat-craving life moment we ask ourselves: what positive feeling do we exactly experience when we achieve success?

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Esteem for unsung heroes

Unsung heroes are those exceptional citizens who contribute to the community without asking for credit.  Each year the Taos News celebrates unsung heroes from Taos, NM by announcing the Citizen of the Year.

The newspaper seeks nominations of unheralded Taos citizens who have donated their time and energy over the past year for the betterment of the community.  This public recognition is a great sign of esteem making unsung heroes known heroes.

According to the Taos News this recognition of unsung heroes serves as just a small “thank you” for the years of tireless work and involvement these individuals have given to Taos.  At the same time this publicly given esteem encourages other citizens to make positive contributions as well.

Esteem gives new hope

It’s easy to give esteem to somebody in a moment of success or happiness.  It’s no problem to acknowledge great life moments, positive actions or friendly words.  But what about esteem for moments of failure?  How can we acknowledge when somebody falls?

Esteem for moments of failure doesn’t acknowledge the failure itself but its effect on the people involved.  Failure happens to everybody because nobody is perfect.  Esteem highlights this fact and encourages us to pick ourselves up and go on.

The great effect of esteem in moments like this: it creates motivation to do it better the next time.  When people receive esteem in sad moments they receive with it hope that this moment won’t last forever.

With esteem we can help people in realizing what Confucius said: “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.”


Esteem for mistakes

Theodore Roosevelt one said: “The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.”

When we give esteem to people we acknowledge their efforts, their work.  On the other hand we give esteem toward people just as acknowledgment for being here without any external reasons.

This means that ultimately that we also give esteem even when somebody makes mistakes. 

Esteem can encourage when it’s given in moments of imperfection.  We give esteem for mistakes – not in order to encourage making mistakes but to strengthen the self-esteem of the individual.  When people receive esteem even in moments of imperfection they are freer to handle it in a mature way – making their self-esteem grow.

What kind of success do you want for yourself?

Everybody wants to have success in life.  To be able to realize success in our life it’s important to know what success means to us.

Success has two sides.  One side is the result of success.  It’s what we all ultimately want by wishing success: esteem, recognition and acknowledgment.

The other side is success in what we’re doing.  This part of success is individually different because it depends on our talents.

The stronger our self-esteem, the more we know who we are and in what we’re really good.

With a strong self-esteem we don’t need to look at other people’s life to find out what success means.  We know our abilities and talents and therefore we know what kind of success we want for ourselves.  This path leads us to truly fulfilling success in life.

By greeting you give esteem

When we think of how we can express esteem in our daily life we can overlook the simplest ways to do it.  Smiling at people we meet throughout our day is one simple sign of esteem.  Another is to greet the people we meet.

Greeting is a strong sign to show that we “see” a person.  It creates the feeling in them that they are acknowledged in a very essential way.  When we greet someone we take notice of them.

You can grasp the the importance of this esteemful sign when you imagine being among people who don’t take notice of you.  It makes you feel invisible and unacknowledged.

Greeting shows an acknowledgment of being here and is a wonderful way to show esteem toward people.

Esteem is always you

We could find hundreds of tips on how to express esteem.  But truly we have to recognize that it’s always our own expression when we give esteem.  It’s our unique personality and our unique way of putting an acknowledgment into words.

Receiving tips about esteem is the same as getting advice.  As long as we take them as general help we can use it in our own way – for our own unique life situation.

Giving esteem should always come from you because it would otherwise feel artificial.  To express esteem genuinely and honestly we need to give it through our own personality.

With this in mind, take a tip of smiling as a sign of esteem and make it your own – unique and personal.


Esteem for the first ever Navajo comedy duo

Navajo comedians James and Ernie are the first ever Navajo comedy duo.  Their performances leave audiences laughing and feeling better about their world.

According to their website jamesandernie.com they’re poised to break into the national scene after having entertained audiences around the Four Corners area of the Southwest.

Esteem is a positive message of understanding and acknowledgment.  James and Ernie deliver also a positive message through their humor and deserve esteem for that.

Their message of esteem serves as encouragement to others to express their humor and create esteemful moments.

Esteem acts are health-promoting

Frequently we read about the inexplicably positive impact of humor or good mood on our health.

German medical researchers of the Society of Palliative Medicine found that feelings of happiness and self-confidence have a positive impact on healing processes and on health in general. 

Esteem is another boost for our body’s self-healing strength.

When we receive esteem we feel happy.  Happiness creates inner balance which is the best basis for health.

When we give esteem we feel happy.  Acknowledging others with genuine empathy creates self-confidence which is another booster for health.  There is no doubt that lived esteem can strengthen our health.

The next time you smile at somebody or you acknowledge a person you can remember that you just created health-promoting moments for yourself and for the others.