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Esteem for Katherine Hepburn

Me Katherine HepburnAfter having given esteem to Cary Grant as being one of the greatest actors ever, well, today it’s time to give the same esteem to Katherine Hepburn, one of the greatest actresses of all times – in my eyes.

Katherine Hepburn died 2003 only four years short of being able to celebrate her 100th birthday.

It’s said about Katherine Hepburn that she was best known for her fierce independence and spirited personality.

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Esteem for Acting

Respect for Acting Uta HagenDo you also  love films? Well, who doesn’t. Everybody enjoys great films, great pictures, great film music, great stories – and of course great actors.

I’m not very film-savvy, but I know the difference between great acting talents and not so great ones. I see it and I feel it. I’m also very interested in theater productions – of all kinds, I must say. Maybe in a theater production you can see this difference even more intensified.

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