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Centenarians have strong esteem for life

The Wisdom of CentenariansIn Germany the number of the centenarians has more than doubled within the last 15 years. The fact that these centenarians today are spiritually and physically fitter than those of former generations, is found by a representative investigation of researchers of the university of Heidelberg which they made with people at the age of 100 years in and around Heidelberg.

The study showed a comprehensive picture of centenarians and their life situation. It appears that psychological strengths such as will to live, meaning of life and optimism are more important for a high quality of life and inner contentment than performance ability or health.

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Self-esteem lives intensely in the present time

Wherever we stand in life, whatever our age and whatever experiences we made, it’s only the present time where we live our self-esteem.

Fighting with low self-esteem could make us blame life situations or people in our past.  But deeply we know that essentially we live here and now.  On whatever level our self-esteem shows itself, it’s always a picture of the present.

When we want to change it, we better do it now.  When we try to live intensely in the present time we will note that our self-esteem grows automatically and immediately.

Living in the here and now doesn’t leave much space for past and future.  According to the writings of French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre we invent ourselves in each single moment of our life and with us our self-esteem.

We life our life in the here and now, inventing and developing our self-esteem from moment to moment.

Esteem, age and elderly

The definition of “elderly” always depends on the age of the person who’s speaking.  For a child, anyone older than 20 is elderly.  For teenagers, people over 30 are considered “old”.


This is clearly a perception of what constitutes “elderly” from outside appearances.  What about the perception of age from the inside?  How old do we feel?

Sometimes we feel older than we really are and sometimes we feel much younger than our birthday otherwise tells us.

In any case our perceived age is always reflected in our personal expression.  Walking through life with esteem makes everybody feel and look younger.

Esteem makes us feel good because we get appreciation.  Feeling good is the best way to define our age as we want it.  We do the same for others by giving them esteem.

There is no age limit for esteem.


Ageless esteem

When I think about esteem in our daily life I don’t distinguish between esteem given toward children and toward adults.

Esteem is ageless.  This means that given esteem doesn’t depend on the age of the person getting it.

Esteem isn’t given for certain actions or outer behaviors. That’s why little children can get the same esteem as older people.

Children, teens, adults and elderly – everybody deserves to get genuine esteem.