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Esteem for Mileva Marić, Albert Einstein’s wife

Mileva Marić Einstein: Life with Albert Einstein Mileva Marić, the wife of Albert Einstein, received as great sign of esteem by the city of Zurich, Switzerland a memorial stone. Mileva Marić died 1948 in Zurich, poor and alone.

Recently she is recognized as the mother of the Theory of Relativity. This because of newer research based on letters written by her husband Albert Einstein.

Prior to publishing his Theory of Relativity, Einstein wrote to her: “How happy and proud I’ll be when we both together will have finished successfully our work on the theory of relativity.”

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Einstein named most significant Swiss of all time

A recent survey asked 1,000 people in Switzerland who they considered the most significant Swiss person.  The results are interesting.


The honor goes to Albert Einstein .  Even though he was born a German and died an American, he never gave up his acquired Swiss citizenship.  At a surprising number three on the list, Roger Federer is one of the few Swiss heroes still living.  Federer finished ahead of such greats as Red Cross founder Henry Dunant.

Acknowledging somebody as significant among his fellow countrymen is a huge sign of esteem.  We can offer this same acknowledgement of significance to the people in our lives.

Each one of us has been significant for somebody else in a positive sense.  It doesn’t have to have been something obvious like a life saving action.  It could be a seemingly small action or the giving of helpful advice.

When we live esteem in our lives we stay aware of our own significance and of the significance of others for us.