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Esteem is not easily angered

anger and how to overcome with zenWhat happens when we’re angry?  Anger is a normal human expression of a feeling of displeasure.  Anger can arise out of sadness or frustration.  We even have bodily reactions of muscle tension and increased heart rate.

When we integrate esteem into our daily life it doesn’t mean that we won’t feel any anger anymore.  But when we express our anger appropriately we deal with it in a healthy way.  This is one way esteem helps us in dealing properly with anger.

But esteem goes further.  When we live esteem we live patience and understanding toward others and ourselves.  This leads us to an understanding of the mechanism of anger.

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Esteem endures all things

As we mature through life esteem matures with us.  

Esteem is more than just acting friendly in a superficial way.  It means we accept that there are difficult moments in life.  Esteem is able to carry us through the sad moments of life without breaking us.

Enduring all things with esteem means that we realize moments of fear, and of suffering because we know what life is all about.  Esteem helps us combine hope and trust against life’s difficult situations.

Even the hardest life moments pass.  But when the moment passes what lingers in our hearts are bad feelings, anger or sad thoughts.

Esteem helps us get beyond those feelings because we meet these moments with patience and understanding.  The outcome is much better when met with esteem.