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Esteem for Madrid

Rick Steves Spain 2017Some cities undergo a massive construction boom in the form of urban renovation projects.

Madrid in Spain is one of these cities.  Recently, after more than five years of construction in this beautiful city, planners were able to declare the projects complete. The renovation project included rerouting traffic underground so that the city’s center was opened for pedestrians.

With its renewed appearance Madrid gives esteem towards its citizens and tourists.  On the other hand, the city receives esteem from the people who enjoy the beautiful plazas, facades and a great open atmosphere.

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Esteem and comparison

On television, in newspapers and magazines we get images of “ideal” women and men.  Each culture has its own ideal of the “perfect” man or woman.  These ideals often force us compare ourselves with them.

Sometimes we can’t avoid comparison with others.  We do it on the basis of appearance, intelligence or some other ideal.  We sometimes find ourselves wishing that we are like them.

Why do we do that?  Because we believe that perfect people get more esteem!  And this is what we all want to get: esteem.

Deeply we know that genuine esteem isn’t given just for appearances or brain power.  When we have to do something in order to get esteem, then this kind of esteem isn’t the true one.

Knowledge of genuine esteem makes us realize that comparisons never work.  Esteem tells us that everybody is unique and incomparable.


Esteem and the ideal of beauty

For many people the word “beauty” creates ominous feelings.  The level of expectations in our society is very high.  There is only a small number of human beings who match this ideal of beauty.

Normally these high ideals wouldn’t cause problems.  We all know that each person has their own beauty and their own body expression.  There is one problem with the ideal of beauty: it’s the connection of beauty to esteem.  This connection engenders most of the problems around beauty because this alliance determines that only beautiful people get esteem.

We see young women and men who, quarreling with their self-esteem, try to approach their body to the ideal of beauty with all kind of adornment methods believing that then they will get the esteem they deserve.

And we also see people who don’t try anymore to reach any level of beauty.  They combine their non-idealistic appearance with low self-esteem and therefore they don’t care anymore about their looks.  They neglect themselves sadly.

Esteem says, there is no exclusive connection between beauty and esteem.  Everybody gets esteem because esteem embraces our whole being.  We get esteem because we are human beings and not only because we fulfill any exterior rule or habit.