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Esteem for Michelangelo

Michelangelo: His Epic LifeThe Vatican’s chief restorer of Michelangelo’s frescoes may have discovered a self-portrait of Michelangelo. The face of a man in Michelangelo’s fresco “The Crucifixion of St. Peter” could be Michelangelo’s.  If  true, it would be the only distinct self-portrait of Michelangelo.

According to art historians the face looks similar to paintings other artists did of Michelangelo.  Further evidence is the man’s turban, which looks like those which artists of the period wore to protect themselves from dust.

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Esteem for Vincent van Gogh through Don McLean

Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh bequeathed to us his numerous paintings through which we still give esteem toward him and his art.

We found an impressive video which combines, in a very understanding way, the song Starry starry night with van Gogh’s paintings.

Viewing his paintings set to this powerful song creates a deeper connection to Vincent van Gogh.  The person who created it obviously put a lot of thought and effort into this videdo.  It’s an excellent way to express esteem toward this extraordinary artist.

At the same time we give esteem to Don McLean, with his open-hearted and honest approach toward van Gogh.


Esteem for Argentine singer Mercedes Sosa

Mercedes Sosa died last Sunday in Buenos Aires in the age of 74.  With her incomparable dark voice she made the Latin American folk songs more popular than any other artist.

Adorned in flowing black robes she got the nickname “Negrita”.  Since the late 1960s she filled concert halls in Latin America and Europe.  She was known worldwide for her socially inspired folk songs.

Sosa received a lot of esteem during her life for her work.  Some of her songs such as “Gracias a la vida” remain classics and will always remind us of this great artist.


Esteem for art

Reading the philosopher Kalil Gibran’s quotation “Art is a step from what is obvious and well-known toward what is arcane and concealed” makes us aware that we need to give esteem toward art as well as toward artists.

Daily life could become boring because it seems routine and predictable.  Art can open our eyes toward seemingly daily things by expressing a new and surprising side.

For opening our eyes, art deserves to receive esteem.  We can give esteem toward art and artists by visiting galleries, cinemas, concerts, theaters and museums.

And don’t forget the artists.  The best moment for giving esteem toward art is when we have the opportunity to meet the artist himself.

Esteem for German choreographer Pina Bausch

Last Tuesday world-famous German choreographer Pina Bausch died of cancer at the age of 68.

Pina Bausch was a legendary as well as media-shy artist.  She opened the way for a new form of body expression through dancing and speaking.  Her avant-garde work strongly influenced modern ballet.

She was a most distinguished woman who got esteem throughout her life and from her work as a choreographer.

She explained her work like this: “Body and motion are the best possibility to express what affects us.  It’s not art and skills, but life.”

We can give esteem to Pina Bausch and her work by remembering her important role in the world of ballet and dance art.


A story about esteem

When we speak about esteem it’s sometimes difficult to find the right words to express the core meaning of esteem.  Sometimes it’s easier to speak about esteem by telling a story.

We found a video which describes the importance of esteem and self-esteem.  It’s actually an advertisement for a consumer products company but it touches many important experiences concerning esteem.

There are two important messages in this video.  One is that we shouldn’t compare ourselves with others because every single person has his own talents and personality.  The other message tells us that we can find esteem at unexpected places from unexpected people who can make us strong enough to fulfill our wishes.

The strength of esteem is often underestimated.  But it really can change lives.


Esteem for photographers

Certain photographs can make a strong impression on the viewer.  They’re a picture out of life, catching a single moment and highlighting a singular atmosphere.

Photographers have a unique talent for capturing feelings and mood in their photographs.

This Audio Slide Show presents impressions of New York City by James Hill.  Let yourself be carried away by these atmospheric photographs and the explanations of James Hill.

Esteem toward artists like James Hill is important for encouraging others to develop their photography talents.

Stop into your local museums or galleries to see some of the photo-artists in your area.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to give esteem toward photographers and their art.


Esteem for peace-ensuring art

The art camp “Art for Peace and Harmony”, the first of its kind in India, encourages artists to discover how they can respond to the events in their world.

Artists are not immune to the world’s situation, just like the rest of us, may it be consciously or unconsciously.

This art camp, organized by Mangalore University, Orchid Art Gallery and others, leads artists to find their own way to ensure peace and harmony among people and nature.

Artists of all kind such as painters, poets, singers, dancers, musicians, actors, writers and sculptors are invited to explore their role in ensuring peace.

Artspace Outreach Program

In 2001 the Artspace Outreach Program was created with the goal of giving under-priviledged children and adults a voice through art.

It’s a non-profit visual art center in Raleigh, North Carolina with exhibitions and educational programs guided by professional artists.


By inspiring creative energy Artspace can “change lives, brighten the future of promising children and build self-esteem in children and adults”, as the program reports.

Last week Artspace itself received esteem in the form of a $2,500 grant from the Mary D.B.T. Semans Foundation for their program to train teaching artists who are interested in working with at-risk youth and adults.


Esteem for “an artist of life”

Tsai Erh Ping, born in China and working as an artist in the U.S. creates unusual handcrafts in the form of unique jewelry and small sculptures.

Tsai’s art shows his connectedness to nature and life.  He transforms the image of spiders, birds and geckos into crafted brooches and pins.  He calls himself an “artist of life”.

“Life is very precious,” he said. “There is no higher or lower level, poor or rich. There is only being respectful.”

Tsai expresses esteem through his work.  He once commented: “There is no humility in life.  My works are not going to elevate one’s value or position … When there is love within, people will be sincere.  When people are sincere, they will be beautiful and the world become a more beautiful place.”

It’s great to see how others express esteem because it makes us think of how we can do the same.

The National Museum of History in Taipei City, Taiwan showcases Tsai Erh Ping’s jewelry and sculpture in an exhibit named “A window to a Sculptor’s Dream” until March 31, 2009.