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Esteem for learning from childhood through old age

Frost Memory TrainingReading books, writing and generally participating in brain-stimulating activities at any age preserves not only memory but also keeps you young and fit.

A research suggests that exercising your brain from childhood through old age is important for brain health in old age. It found that people who participated in mentally stimulating activities until late in life had a slower rate of decline in memory compared to those who did not participate in such activities across their lifetime.

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Esteem for children’s literature

The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award ALMA is the world’s largest prize for children’s and young people’s literature.  It was created by the Swedish government after Lindgren’s death in 2002.

Astrid Lindgren was a known Swedish author of books for children.  Her novel “Pippi Longstocking” tells the story of a strong-willed girl with braided hair, freckles and mismatched stockings.  Pippi has captivated generations of children around the world.

Growing up in Switzerland I was a big fan of all the stories and TV films about Pippi Longstocking’s adventures.

This year the ALMA was given to the Tamer Institute, a Palestinian group which for two decades has stimulated children’s love of reading.

According to the Swedish award group this public esteem for the Tamer Institute was given “in the spirit of Astrid Lindgren acknowledging the strength of books, stories and imagination as important keys to self-esteem, tolerance and the courage to face life”.

The Tamer Institute’s esteem toward children’s literature now receives its own public esteem.  The award will be presented on June 2, 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden.