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Esteem for dolphin assisted therapies

Animal assisted interventions for autism

Animal therapy is an established treatment in modern medicine.  The positive impact of animals on humans is widely accepted.

Dolphin assisted therapies have the same effects.  Contact with dolphins may not cure ailments but it can help alleviate some symptoms.  Dolphin assisted therapy works similar to that of sound therapy.

EEG tests confirmed that dolphins’ signal frequencies can have a profound effect on the human brain.

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World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day, an international day to raise awareness for the autistic, started in 2008.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability which affects children all over the world.  Most likely, everyone knows somebody suffering autism.

Giving esteem to everybody in our surrounding means that we also give esteem toward autistic persons.

They deserve our respect and esteem as well as everybody else.  Giving esteem free handedly and kind-hearted toward autistic people teaches us to not expect a thankful answer.  Esteem is the best way to encounter people in an open and friendly way.

Esteem for people with Asperger’s syndrome

Esteem for autistic people isn’t only important for children but also for adults.

Giving esteem to an autistic person makes them feel precious and acknowledged for just being here.

Swiss company Asperger Informatik of Zurich goes one step further.  They acknowledge that autistic persons are often extraordinarily gifted with their ability to be focused, analytic and persevering.

Asperger Informatik was founded by Susan Conza, who herself has Asperger’s syndrome.  Asperger’s syndrome is considered to be a light form of autism.

Conza explains her reasons for employing workers with the Asperger’s syndrome with these words: “the specific abilities which autistic people have are the ideal and typical qualifications of the professions in computer sciences.  Autistic people show important abilities such as analytic thinking, figurative vision, attention to detail, high concentrativeness and perseverance”.

This is an great way to show esteem toward autistic people – by giving them the feeling they are precious and in demand.


Esteem for autistic children

Children with autism touch the heart because it interferes with our ability to be social.

Human beings need verbal communication and other kinds of social interaction.  We seek reactions and the feeling that we’re respected, that we get esteem.

It’s also easy to give esteem when we see a positive reaction.  Autistic children usually can’t satisfy our need for this answer.  Nevertheless they need to get esteem just like everybody else.

There are organizations dedicated to giving autistic children and their parents as much esteem as possible.  The Autistic Children’s Activity Program A.C.A.P. is one of numerous agencies providing life skill training, recreational experiences and family support.


City Award for kitchen employee

Eighteen-year-old Nathan Levine, together with his employer, Hilton Hotels, will be honored by the Austin Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities.

Nathan Levine has autism and has worked for the past two years in the kitchen of the Hilton Hotel in Austin, Texas.  Nathan needed several weeks to adjust to the surroundings of the hotel, but gradually became accustomed to his work as a kitchen employee.  Thanks to the patience and understanding of his co-workers, and his job coach Rob McCoy, Nathan currently works four days a week.

“He absolutely loves coming to work,” said Bea Jaramillo, the Hilton’s director of human resources. “He has a passion for what he’s doing.”

The City Award gives public esteem to a very brave young man who deals successfully with so many challenges and gives esteem at the same time toward his employers giving him a chance for an integrated life in society.

Help for autistic children

Former Miami Dolphins quarterback, Dan Marino’s son is autistic but thanks to early interventions he is now able to attend college.  Dan Marino lobbied years for insurance coverage for autistic children.  His greatest wish was insurance coverage for therapy and behavioral analysis of autism in order to make the treatments available to every autistic child.

This week his wish finally came true.  A new law was signed by Florida Governor Charlie Crist.  This law requires insurance benefits for autistic children.

Autism is more widespread than many realize.  Approximately one child of every 150 develops autism.  Medicine has great therapies for healing autism but most of the treatments have to be done in early age to be successful.

This law is an important step to embrace autistic children by guaranteeing insurance coverage.  When treatment is available it should be possible for those who need it to have access to it.  This new law gives autistic children the same access to medicine as all others.

Our society is whole when we incorporate all citizens in the same esteem and rights.