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Esteem for young Baseball Players

Managing Little League Baseball McIntoshTwelve and thirteen-year-old boys represent in the Little League World Series the best young baseball players around the world.

These young boys certainly deserve esteem for their efforts.  They give it their all and despite their youth, demonstrate a high level of talent.  It’s a joy to watch them play just because they love to play the game.  The audience gives them a lot of esteem which pushes them on to spectacular catches and clutch hitting.

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Path for living esteem, Part 5: esteem in our leisure time

This is the last in our five part series of creating a life full of esteem.  Today we’ll take a look at esteem in our leisure time.

Living esteem in our leisure time

Often just hearing the words “leisure time” creates positive feelings.  However we fill our leisure time it’s normally connected with our favorite activities.

Some of us dedicate leisure time to activities we really love, such as handcraft works, painting or gardening.  We give ourselves esteem by being immersed in an activity that makes us forget about the time.  This kind of leisure time is so filled that it always seems to be too short.  Our leisure time is filled with attention and acknowledgment.  Whatever hobby we choose, when we fill it with esteem we create our own unique moments of happiness.

Leisure time is usually free from outer judgements and pressure. 

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Baseball players tested positive for steroids.

It seems to some people, that much of the scandal that arose out of BALCO happened because Barry Bonds supposedly was envious of Mark McGwire and the accolades he was getting and therefore started taking steroids.

The main reason for all these athletes taking steroids is rising out of not getting enough attention. Getting attention means the same as getting esteem, esteem for a superior performance. If a sportsman only gets esteem by winning he will do everything to win, even taking steroids.