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Self-esteem is beautifying

Self-esteem tends to beautify us and our life.

We can confirm this statement when we picture those people who have a strong self-esteem.  Don’t they smile often and always seem to be happy?  These are the people we like to be around because they radiate serenity.  In their eyes we recognize a mellow beauty which attracts us to them.

We recognize somebody as beautiful who emanates patience, calmness and empathy.  We perceive beauty when we receive esteem from these people.

Self-esteem and beauty have a strong connection.  Having a strong self-esteem makes people look and behave beautiful.  This radiant kind of beauty has nothing to do with an artificially created beauty which has only an emptiness behind it.

Real beauty is always perceived by seeing and feeling, the same as with a strong self-esteem.

How do we gain esteem?

We could take a man-on-the street survey with this question: how do you gain esteem? 

Most of the answers would contain something such as:

I work hard.

I fulfill the desires of others.

I am fun to be around.

I look young and beautiful.

I’m rich.

I’m fast or strong.

To all these answers you can add the end “so I’ll get esteem” or “so others like me” or “so I’ll be admired”.

Even when esteem means being active by giving and getting esteem we don’t need to do anything to gain esteem.  You can’t gain esteem, you can get esteem – for free.  Getting esteem isn’t a result of an activity.  When you have to gain esteem, the esteem can’t be honest and true.

Honest esteem means you get it because you are you, because you are a precious person with unique talent.