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Self-esteem comprises our whole personality

Heston Unlimited SelfIn Wikipedia I read that self-esteem encompasses beliefs, emotions and behavior, it comprises our whole personality.

Self-esteem doesn’t depend on external actions or experiences.  Contrarily, it is the manner of handling external actions.  How you act, how you think, how you feel, every move of your personality is an expression of your self-esteem.

I like the picture of having self-esteem in each cell of our body. It makes self-esteem corporal and mental at the same time. With all our cells we live and express self-esteem. Everybody should have a highly developed self-esteem.

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Our health deserves esteem

Health is something we only recognize when we don’t have it anymore.  We can change this attitude toward health by showing esteem for our health.

The first step of showing esteem for our health is to recognize how healthy we are.  The next step to get it back on track if you’re not.

For people who need scientific proof of the effect of behavior on our health this recent research will be interesting.

Researchers from the University of Kuoipo and Oulo, Finland made a study about the connection between physical activity and health.  They found that men who participate in sports for half an hour a day have half the risk of getting cancer.

The reason for this connection lies in the fact that regular physical activity creates a higher consumption of oxygen – which prevents healthy cells from transforming into cancerous cells.

Researchers underlined the fact that moderate sport, such as brisk walking for half an hour daily is the best exercise.

Of course these results are also applicable for women.  Take the first steps in giving esteem toward your health.

Esteem with open eyes

How much do you perceive the natural environment around you?

Some people just hurry from one place to the other without looking around, without perceiving their surroundings.


When we live esteem in our life we see that it slows our daily speed.  We become aware not only of the people around us but also of the natural world.

We found an audio slide show with photos of New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham catching the change from winter to spring as it happens in Manhattan.

Spring may bring to mind delicate spring flowers and greening trees.  But spring can also be found on the faces, behavior and clothing of the people.

When we walk esteemfully through our days, with open eyes, we can see these spring signs as Bill Cunningham did.


Esteem and politeness

Speaking about politeness might seem to be old fashioned.  Some people consider being polite as being shallow.

If you bump against somebody you can be polite and excuse yourself or you can move on without a word.  

For the other person your being polite appears as esteem.  You seem to be attentive.  Politeness means showing that you care about your behavior toward other people.

As we discussed in a previous post about behavior and habit, being polite – even when it’s sometimes an automatic reaction – can become a habit.

Politeness is basic for all the other friendly and esteemful habits you’ll develop by integrating esteem consciously in your life.

Esteem – habit or behavior?

Imagine this situation: you meet your collegue in the office and you greet him politely, you ask him how it’s going.  Your behavior is very polite.  The question is: is being polite also your habit?  If you’re always polite your answer would be yes.

There’s a basic difference between habit and behavior.  If you begin to give esteem daily you’ll start a behavior.  If you’re continuing giving esteem each day you’ll transform esteem from a behavior to a habit.

Esteem as habit is precious, but each small esteem-ful action is precious too.  However we live esteem, as behavior or as habit, it’s important to give it.

Popup advertising, what for?


I was recently visiting one of my favorite daily news sites and I was bombarded by a myriad of unwanted advertisements.  I understand that companies have to make a profit to support their website, and I don’t have a problem with them making money, it’s just the methods they employ.

Everybody has had the experience of opening a website and getting interrupted by intrusive web advertising, like popups, drop downs, rollovers and  automatically playing videos.

I think businesses who create and employ these types of advertisements don’t care about their customer’s experience and feelings. It shows a lack of respect, lack of esteem to the audience.  In the pursuit of a short term profit, they forget to show esteem toward their customers.  When a company has esteem for it’s customers, their is no place for this kind of behavior.

Sure, they might make money annoying their customers in the short term , but practices lacking esteem will in the long run chase people away.  The contempt it creates will cause people to look elsewhere as soon as they can find an alternative.


The truth about shopoholics

A new research study shows that compulsive buying behavior can be driven by self-esteem problems.

Lacking self-esteem is daily issue for many people.  If a person doesn’t receive esteem in their life, they can’t give self-esteem to themselves.  At some level doesn’t each of us experience this ?

Some people try to deal with their lack of self-esteem through excessive buying.  It’s a bid for esteem, for attention. They are simply trying to satisfy the need for esteem with attention getting external behavior. 

Like the shopoholic, there are many other kinds of -oholics.  Do you know one of them?  Could it be they are seeking your esteem?  We all need to get esteem in order to live a fulfilled life. We all need to have a self-esteem in order to live a joy-giving life.

Esteem of the differences

We like to compare ourselves with others. Comparing gives us a certain security in our behavior. But I think at the same time comparing is deeply subverting esteem.

Every comparison seems to create parity but creates in reality disparity. I ask myself in what areas are we able to compare ourselves with others. Profession, appearance, talent?

Isn’t each of us unique? Each of us has his life history, his character, his abilities. How can we compare our chosen profession for example? Even when the qualifications are the same, one has specialization in one direction and the other in another.

Everybody should get the same esteem, because everybody is unique and precious. In matters of personality we are all different, in case of esteem we are all equal.