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Esteem for Monty Python

Monty Python AutobiographyOne of the most obvious signs for public esteem toward a comedy group is when their sketches are replayed by young comedy groups even decades after their first performance.

Monty Python received and still receives this kind of esteem.  At the Edinburgh Festival 2009 for example their sketches were performed by young comedians.

The famous Parrot Sketch was first performed by the Monty Python team many years ago.  “This is an ex-parrot” goes the famous sentence of John Cleese’s complaint to Michael Palin for selling a stuffed pet.

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Esteem for the first ever Navajo comedy duo

Navajo comedians James and Ernie are the first ever Navajo comedy duo.  Their performances leave audiences laughing and feeling better about their world.

According to their website jamesandernie.com they’re poised to break into the national scene after having entertained audiences around the Four Corners area of the Southwest.

Esteem is a positive message of understanding and acknowledgment.  James and Ernie deliver also a positive message through their humor and deserve esteem for that.

Their message of esteem serves as encouragement to others to express their humor and create esteemful moments.