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Esteem for Michelangelo

Michelangelo: His Epic LifeThe Vatican’s chief restorer of Michelangelo’s frescoes may have discovered a self-portrait of Michelangelo. The face of a man in Michelangelo’s fresco “The Crucifixion of St. Peter” could be Michelangelo’s.  If  true, it would be the only distinct self-portrait of Michelangelo.

According to art historians the face looks similar to paintings other artists did of Michelangelo.  Further evidence is the man’s turban, which looks like those which artists of the period wore to protect themselves from dust.

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Esteem for Mendelssohn’s music

As we give esteem toward people, we can give esteem toward cultures, organizations or art.

The beauty of classical music is immediate for some, but for others it takes time to discover.  Once discovered it’s easy to give esteem toward classical music because often it touches the very soul of the listener.

I was reminded of my esteem for this art when an important moment in classical music history happened recently.

Long-lost compositions of German composer Felix Mendelssohn were found in private collections and libraries.

The first performance of these 13 unknown works of Mendelssohn will take place at New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage tomorrow on Wednesday, January 28th – just six days before Mendelssohn’s 200th birthday.

It’s a great moment to make us aware of the role of music in our life and to give esteem toward those who create it.