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Esteem makes each day meaningful

Dalai Lama once said: “Old friends pass away, new friends appear.  It is just like the days.  An old day passes, a new day arrives.  The important thing is to make it meaningful, a meaningful friend – a meaningful day.”

Change is the only constant in life.  Everything changes.  Our friends change, our life circumstances change, even we change. 

Esteem tells us to give meaning to each single moment.  When we give esteem to people and to life situations we appreciate them for the moment.  Esteem happens always in the moment, never after or before it.  When the moment passes, there is a new opportunity to give esteem to somebody else or to another life moment.

Esteem doesn’t hang on to certain people or certain life moments.  This means that esteem takes each new day, and every new moment as a new possibility to create new appreciation.  When we live esteem we make each single day meaningful, and we make the people around us meaningful.

Esteem for goodness

The Dalai Lama said once: “The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation of goodness.”

Our own development depends on where we put our emphasis on and toward what we give esteem.  With this choice we can doubtlessly control our own development.

When we give esteem for goodness we dedicate ourselves toward living goodness.  We make ourselves more attentive to discovering goodness in the world and at the same time create goodness around us.  Goodness happens all the time, but most often quietly and hidden.  Giving esteem for goodness means that we reveal goodness when it happens.

Giving genuine esteem for goodness doesn’t work with a wagging finger.  It’s more about patiently directing our attention and the attention of other people toward goodness in life.  By giving esteem for goodness we create the best basis for goodness itself.  This kind of esteem for goodness is not about teaching but about living as an example.

An esteemful personality: Dalai Lama

Last week the Dalai Lama visited Albany, NY sharing his simple message of tolerance, peace and happiness.

With his honest friendliness toward everyone who approaches him he demonstrates esteem in a deep and humble manner.

Dalai Lama is the renowned spiritual guide to devotees and Buddhists all over the world.  Despite his notoriety he says about himself: “I consider myself just a human being, one of 6 billion human beings. All 6 billion people are the same family. Everyone wants a happy life.”

It could be said that Dalai Lama personifies esteem.  Such an esteemful personality can be an example for us all.