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Esteem is inherent to human life

Esteem is something everybody wants in his life.  Getting esteem is like fuel for our “motor” of life.  With esteem we feel motivated and encouraged to do what we do and to be who we are.

Esteem touches us deeply by giving utterance to our real being.  When we receive esteem we receive confirmation that we are precious and important.

Another aspect that makes esteem so essential is the fact that esteem persists.  Honest esteem doesn’t disappear the next day. 

We don’t need to prove each day to ourselves and other people that we deserve esteem.  Esteem is inherent to human life.

Esteem never stops

We connect esteem strongly with understanding, open-mindedness and most of all trust.  These traits motivate esteem to go on without stopping.  Esteem can’t stop by default.  There is no possible reason for esteem to stop ever.  On the contrary, esteem is the one attitude which continues on against all doubt.

Esteem comes from a higher level because it’s based on genuine interest for our fellow men.  Genuine esteem makes us trustful and broad-minded giving others another chance again and again.

Esteem aims at people’s most inner core, the place where we are truly ourselves, where no outer judgment can touch us.  Esteem reaches us exactly there.  Esteem isn’t given because we did something for it.  We get esteem because we deserve it just by being here and now.

Realizing this truth of esteem allows us to see that there will be never a moment that causes esteem to stop.  Esteem never stops.


Esteem honors discussion about absent people

Some homes in Switzerland have a proverb in their foyer saying “Welcome is everybody who can be mute about others”.  In German this proverb rhymes like all these home proverbs do. It means: rather than saying something negative about people behind their back we keep silent about them.

Sometimes it seems to be a human habit that people talk about people behind their back.  It seems like it’s just exchanging information but all of us know that most often it’s just circulating rumors.

Many times talking behind someone’s back means telling negative stories.  We might feel uncomfortable while we’re doing it but we still can’t stop ourselves.

Esteem interrupts this habit because it makes us open-minded.  With esteem we can’t judge others, even less so while they’re absent.  We feel the need to give them the opportunity to explain themselves.

Esteem always honors our discussion about absent people.  When we speak about them we only express esteem toward them.  We can do the same when we witness others talking about absent people.  By doing that we express that everybody deserves esteem.