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Esteem is like the Sunshine in May

Sunshine in May what makes you happyFor many people the month of May represents renewal, warmth and joy. Sunshine and warmth lure us to go outside and enjoy nature and our life.

We may invite this warmth and joy everyday into your lives. Through esteem.

Esteem gives us the same kind of warmth we get from the sun in May.  It warms our heart and soul, it makes us feel good and urges us to create this agreeable feeling in others.

Esteem wants to be given to everybody.

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How humor looks at life

Sometimes speaking about self-esteem is easier when we add humor.

Humor allows us to laugh at ourselves in a way that helps our self-esteem to stay healthy.  With humor we can go through life’s difficult situations more easily. Having humor doesn’t mean we don’t take life seriously.  On the contrary, humor looks at life in its most genuine essence and enables us to recognize deepest truths about ourselves.