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Selfday – International Self-Esteem Day

Attitude specialist Janice Davies  has created the annual international Self Esteem Day recently renamed Selfday, to be celebrated on June the 26th. As the president of International Council of Self Esteem, this year the event in spreading to 140 countries around the world.

Selfday aims to inspire the practice of self belief and confidence globally. The charitable non-profit organization is dedicated  to create awareness and motivate action to help enhance human effectiveness and to build healthy self confidence.

Davis says: “Everyone can learn to believe or re-believe in themselves and especially in this climate remind themselves they may not have caused the event though they are experiencing it. Unless one does, we function from a place of fear and scarcity which often manifests in the opposite of what most of us truly desire.”

The Selfday reminds everybody to take care of themselves, to take care of their self-esteem. The best way to do that is to give esteem to others.

Simple definition of esteem

Esteem is a deeply human sense to appreciate the uniqueness and the qualities of each single person.

Esteem is like love inseparable of humanity. With esteem we see the good sides in people, we encourage them in their talents and on their way through life. Esteem is about seeing others as they are in their core and not as they seem to be. Esteem comes from the heart and goes to the heart.

Esteem is what we want to receive for ourselves, but it needs to be honest esteem. When we receive esteem we are able to give esteem to others.


Susan Boyle – A lesson in basing esteem on appearances

Television is a medium that thrives on appearances.  We have shows that are all about selecting the “Next Top Model” or the “American Idol”.  Viewers judgment are as much about how a contestant looks as how they perform.

Last week in the UK, viewers got a lesson in basing esteem on appearances.


A humble and modest woman from a village in England stepped onto the stage in a rather plain looking dress.  Her hair and makeup were simply made and she spoke in a way that made her seem just a tad, well, eccentric.

When the audience first saw her on the video screen, the giggling started.  When she came out and started awkwardly answering questions from the panel of judges, the tittering in the audience grew.  Shots of both the judges and the audience showed an abundance of rolling eyes and derisive laughter.

But once Susan Boyle began to sing, all of that skepticism disappeared.  In fact, almost from the moment the words came out of her mouth the audience was clapping, smiling and cheering.

A stunned Simon Cowell, notorious for his negative takes on most contestants, sat with a wide-eyed grin on his face.

As the song progressed, the audience became more enthusiastic, cheering loudly and ultimately standing to their feet for this undiscovered singing phenomenon.  A clearly flabbergasted Piers Morgan admitted that in all the time he’d been doing the show he had never been more wrong about judging a contestant on appearances.

Susan was of course moved on to the next round of the competition.

Here is a lesson for all of us in basing our esteem on appearances.  Esteem is for everyone just for being here and as Susan Boyle so perfectly showed us – for the talent that lies in all of us.

Traveling with an open mind

More and more people like to combine traveling with learning.  They don’t only want to visit new places, but also to become educated about the cultures, traditions and art of the places they visit.

These kind of vacations are considered intellectual enrichment.  But it’s even more than that. On one side you get the first hand experience of learning with all your senses.  At the other side you create in yourself respect and esteem toward other countries, people and cultures.

There is no better way to practice worldwide esteem.

A very early piece of jewelry

In southern Peru members of the University of Arizona found a 4,000-year-old necklace. It’s the oldest gold jewelry ever found in the Americas.

Normally gold objects are considered as a sign of privilege.  The possession of such jewelry proves that the society must be agriculturally settled and no longer hunter-gatherers.

Here is the astonishing fact about this old gold finding: Until now people living in that region  4,000 years ago were not deemed to be settled.  What does this necklace tell us about that society?

When esteem is a fundamental part of a society the possession of a gold necklace doesn’t mean privilege but enjoyment of beautiful things of art.


Enhanced standards for railroad tank cars

Railroad tank cars loaded with dangerous materials face more rigorous rules of saftey proposed by the Federal Railroad Administration and assisted by the Association of American Railroads.

This is a sure sign of giving esteem: the first goal of stronger security measures is always the safety of the citizens.  Technology as vital as transportation technology is serving mankind and therefore always subjected to greater safety rules.

That doesn’t mean the reverse is true. There aren’t people serving technology, it is always technology serving mankind.  In this way one of the basics of esteem in society is realized.

Universities united in joint research

The University of Hawaii and the Colorado School of Mines joined together to research outer space.

Technologies for maintaining  life on the Moon or Mars (University of Hawaii) come together with knowledge about natural resources for human survival on other planets (Colorado School of Mines).

There is no stronger way to accelerate research in technology than through combination of different knowledge for reaching the same goal.  Both institutes show their esteem toward each other in realizing this partnership.


Esteem and love

What is the difference between esteem and love or is there a difference at all?

Thinking about the sense of love and esteem we can’t find any sequence or order between them. 

Love isn’t loving until somebody is precious.  People don’t have to do something for being loved.  Love loves just for love! Love is making people precious through love.

The same we have with esteem.  Esteem isn’t esteeming until somebody is loved.  People don’t have to earn esteem with making something.  Esteem esteems just for esteem!  Esteem makes people being loved.

Now, is there a difference between esteem and love?