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Esteem can change lives

Esteem can change lives – you can change yours by integrating esteem into your life and change the lives of others by giving them esteem.

How is it possible that esteem can have such a huge impact?

First let’s be aware that we are responsible for each change we make in our life.  It’s always us making the decisions and therefore our changes.

It may follow to assume that an esteemful action made a change in someone else’s life.  But in fact esteem just prepares the way for possible changes.  Esteem opens a door which was always there in the people but covered by insecurity.

Receiving esteem makes people feel good about themselves.  They feel understood and acknowledged as a person.   This feeling is the ground on which changes can happen.

Next time when you give esteem freely remember the positive impact your little smile could have on the others.


Esteem means enjoyment of life

We admire people who radiate enjoyment of life.  They seem to have no problems, to always be happy.

Enjoyment of life can still be there when life isn’t easy.  It’s the inner motor that pushes us to progress and develop.  It’s natural that we progress in all kinds of life situations.  With enjoyment of life we just make our development easier.

When we integrate esteem in our life we facilitate the enjoyment of life.  With esteem we create  joy for ourselves and for others.  We can spread the enjoyment of life through esteemful actions.


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day

We can give esteem without any outer reason on any day in the year.  We also can give esteem on special days such as the Valentine’s Day.

It is not a coincidence that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in spring, the time of new beginnings.

When we show our appreciation toward love ones on Valentine’s Day we create good feelings, gratefulness and happiness in ourselves and others.  It’s like a new beginning.  We can do that as well each day with esteemful actions.

By giving esteem we give honest appreciation and deep compassion creating encouraging new beginnings for both, the esteem giver and esteem receiver.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  We can make it the first day for numerous new beginnings filled with esteem.