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Esteem is like the Sunshine in May

Sunshine in May what makes you happyFor many people the month of May represents renewal, warmth and joy. Sunshine and warmth lure us to go outside and enjoy nature and our life.

We may invite this warmth and joy everyday into your lives. Through esteem.

Esteem gives us the same kind of warmth we get from the sun in May.  It warms our heart and soul, it makes us feel good and urges us to create this agreeable feeling in others.

Esteem wants to be given to everybody.

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Esteem cheers us up

Sometimes negative experiences are overwhelming and can pull us down.  Even in moments of sadness or frustration there is always a way to come out of it.

We can’t avoid to be down for a variety of reasons, for ourselves and the people in our lives.  The important thing is that we find our way out of it.

Imagine you get esteem while you’re sad or you don’t feel good.  Somebody shows understanding and empathy toward you and your situation.  You immediately feel better.

Getting esteem makes us feel good and this is the best step toward changing a life situation which made us sad.

When we experience this great cheering force of esteem we can do the same toward others just by giving esteem.