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Esteem opens the World of Feelings

Feelings Karol K. TrumanHaving feelings is a deeply human attitude but very often we don’t show them because we had a bad experience when we did.

We can suppress our feelings by denying them and we can hide our feelings toward others.  Both make us unhappy.

In a world where esteem isn’t tangible on a daily basis it may be difficult to show your feelings.

Only esteem encourages us to show our feelings freely because the esteem we get is meant for our whole being including our feelings.

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Difference between Self-esteem and Self-compassion

Self-compassion Kristin NeffWell, the main question is: is there a difference at all between self-esteem and self-compassion. It depends on how we define the two.

Self-esteem is the way we feel about ourselves. Do you feel generally good about yourself, then your self-esteem is considered to be high. Self-compassion on the other hand is about how kind we treat ourselves.


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Esteem for your job

It may sound strange to say that we give esteem toward our own job.  In fact it’s a great thing to do if for no other reason than for our own self-confidence.

First of all it doesn’t matter how much you like your job.  You can still find many reasons to offer esteem for the product or service you provide. 

Of course, it’s always best if you can love your job.  In this case it’s even easier to give esteem because you perceive the preciousness of your work.

In any case, giving esteem toward your job creates this feeling of preciousness.  We can test this feeling by picturing how it would be for us to not have our job anymore.  What would we miss?  What are the good moments we like?

When we’re able to give esteem toward our job it will radiate a feeling of contentment for ourselves and those around us.  This esteem could eventually bring us closer to our job, motivate us to do our work better and to have more joy in doing it.

Esteem for photographers

Certain photographs can make a strong impression on the viewer.  They’re a picture out of life, catching a single moment and highlighting a singular atmosphere.

Photographers have a unique talent for capturing feelings and mood in their photographs.

This Audio Slide Show presents impressions of New York City by James Hill.  Let yourself be carried away by these atmospheric photographs and the explanations of James Hill.

Esteem toward artists like James Hill is important for encouraging others to develop their photography talents.

Stop into your local museums or galleries to see some of the photo-artists in your area.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to give esteem toward photographers and their art.