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Self-esteem and self-concept

We have a certain picture of ourselves with which we try to define our attitudes, believes and opinions.  This picture can be weak and fragile or strong and self-confident.

How we think about ourselves is called our self-concept.

To find out what your self-concept is answer questions such as “What do I want to reach in my life?” or “How successful am I in my life?”.

Self-concept isn’t the same as self-esteem even when both are closely linked to each other.

Self-esteem touches the emotional aspect of our self.  The picture we have about ourselves is filled with feelings and impressions – and self-judgments.

To find out what our self-esteem is answer questions such as “Am I an important person for my job or family?” or “Do I have unshakable trust in my abilities?”.

With our self-esteem we judge our self-concept .  With high self-esteem we judge ourselves honestly.

In quiet moments of life we can listen to our inner voice speaking about our self-concept and self-esteem and assuring us that both aren’t unalterable.  Our self-concept grows through our life as well as our self-esteem.  It’s up to us to give this growth the right direction.


Esteem doesn’t act improperly

What is it that makes esteem act always properly?

Acting properly means we don’t offend someones feelings.  There is one safe attitude which encourages us to act properly: esteem.

Esteem activates our empathy toward others.  It wakes our interest in what our fellow men think and feel.  The more interested we are the more we get to know about the others.  The more we know them the less we wish to offend their feelings.

Esteem has two directions: giving and getting.  Giving esteem is carried by empathy and empathy can only act properly.  Getting esteem happens when we act as we would like others to act toward us.

So empathy is the reason why esteem always acts properly.  Esteem works with empathy and empathy creates esteem.